Happy Birthday to ME!

ImageI turned 32 today. I don’t hide my age, I don’t lie about my age, and I finally embrace my 30s! Mother Nature isΒ  PMSing today in Toronto and we have a really bad snow storm – and any other day I would be pissed and miserable but someone told me today to look at it as if she loves me and gave me the most beautiful winter Wonderland as a bday gift.. so I am going with that!

Every year on my birthday I make sure I do something, make a decision of some sort, that would make the new year of my life bigger, brighter, and better.

And you know what… 32 never looked THIS good lol

I love all you guys.. Thank you for being so good to me:)


22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Awww Happy Birthday to you! You do not look 32! not that 32 looks a particular way if you no what I mean. Anyways I love how you embrace your age and see it as a blessing.

    Lots of birthday love and peace πŸ™‚

    Apple xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Love! You know I love you tons and you are gooooood lookin! Also – I think for my almost 31st bday – you should teach me makeup πŸ™‚ what better bday gift could you ask for! Love you!!!


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