Casual Evening Outfit

ImageI wore this after work yesterday going to grab some food and drinks. I really didn’t feel like dressing up so I decided to go casual route.
I love these pants because they’re super comfy and look like track pants but you can totally wear them with heels… or sneakers.

ImageI paired it up with a plain black v – neck top and a pair of tall black and gold studded wedges. These shoes are on of my favourites. They are very comfortable even though the platform is really high… the gold studs are of course the best part.

Shoes: ALDO
Pants: Urban Behaviour


9 thoughts on “Casual Evening Outfit

  1. Lovely casual no wait scratch lovely, a very cool casual outfit with awsome shoes and beautiful necklace! Are your hair already back to red, cause they seem red on these pictures?

    1. Thanks gorgeous!
      It’s not back to red but some time ago remember how I did it brown/red when you said now we have the same hair colour… well it’s fading so underneath I have my purple still so it’s showing more so, especially on the ends… I am doing red at some point this week I think… it’s my bday this week so it’ll be my little bday change!

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