Sultry Valentine’s Day Make up

ImageOk Let’s get something straight… I don’t do Valentine’s Day. Lol.Β  I think it’s very fake. I think you should do something special for your significant other on a random day not a day that society decided and told you that you have to. To me, doing something sweet, planning something romantic, etc would be a nicer surprise and a better gesture on a random day because it’s unexpected.

With that being said….

ImageMy mom orders make up from Yves Rocher and I always take the eyeshadows because they have some really pretty small palettes.
I got this two shadow little duo kit, with two gorgeous earthy tones. One is a metallic brown/silver and the other metallic dark olive.

ImageThe name of this one is Kaki et vert de gris.

ImageSo I started playing around with it and didn’t do anything over the top but just applied the grey one on my top lid and applied the green along my bottom lash line on the outer corners.
I paired it up with a nude lip using Hue by MAC (one of my favourite nude lipsticks)


I think the metallic yet smokey look of the shadow gives it a great evening/night look and very sultry and perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.


10 thoughts on “Sultry Valentine’s Day Make up

  1. First of all, where’s all this sexiness coming from, raaawr πŸ˜€ and second, I have a duo like this, but the vert canard one, with white and green πŸ˜€


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