ImageI haven’t gone to work since Monday cuz this flu is kicking my ass like nothing before but I still managed to do my nails … My face may look crusty and gross but at least my nails are on point! lol


ImageI am wearing Paradoxal by Chanel. I like the nail polish even though as you can see in the bottle it’s dark grey with some purple tint which does not show on your nails whatsoever but I like it regardless.
The white is by NYC and sparkles are Revlon Silver glitter.


11 thoughts on “NOTD

      1. You know what I never used to either because I never ventured into these random shops. I only used to go into the you know bigger more known stores in the mall… but I don’t want to wear or have what every other girl does so I started branching out and now I love going to these random stores . They have some amazing finds.


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