How are YOU staying warm these days?

ImageI know some of you are from warmer places and I am jealous of you right now more than you know. Here in Toronto we have been having some crazy weather , deep freeze, lots of snow and just madness. I absolutely hate it. I know lots of North American cities are affected by it so I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. This is me running errands today lol.. bundled up but of course still fly lol



18 thoughts on “How are YOU staying warm these days?

  1. Oh man. A parka that I invested in from Aritzia – the Bancroft – my grandmother’s old Sorel boots (from the 70s!! They’re in AMAZING shape!), and I stash an extra pair of snow pants in my car, just in case. Also, as I’m a teacher, we’ve been doing the dreaded indoor recess. I also try to have hot beverages allthetime. Keep warm!!!

    1. That’s so cool your grandma’s boots!!!
      I’ve also been sick since Sunday and I started to feel better yesterday so I went out to run some errands and now I am back to being bed ridden ahh!


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