Newspaper nails -DIY

ImageSo I didn’t do the greatest job of this. It turned out kind of sloppy but I wanted to share with you guys anyway because I am so excited that it actually worked! I’ve always wanted to try this and I am surprised I haven’t ever before, being the nail fanatic I am. So I did this last night and even though it’s not the greatest job I still wanted to show you.

It’s all very basic and simple but it looks real dope.


All you need is :

– any kind of light base nail polish – in this case I chose just solid white by NYC

– newspaper cut up in little strips

– rubbing alcohol or vodka

So here is a little picture collage step by step but to explain it:


1. Paint your nails a light base colour and let it dry COMPLETELY.

2. After your nails have dried entirely, soak your nail ONE BY ONE in rubbing alcohol or vodka.

3. Take one of the newspaper strips and press down FIRMLY on your nail for about 30 secs. Don’t move the paper strip.

4. Remove and there you have it.

5. Last step is to put a top coat over it.

I love this look and I am going to perfect lol ,experiment with different colours and make it more neat.

Happy Friday my lovelies!


15 thoughts on “Newspaper nails -DIY

  1. That’s crazy. Can’t believe you did that on your own and it wasn’t some kind of sticker. Ok. I can believe it because its you but I am highly impressed


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