Throwback Thursdays- miss my red hair


I really love my hair red. I’ve been rocking bright magenta hair for more than 7 years on and off. I just love love it. But I do get tired and bored , that’s when I change it and regret it instantly but due to bleaching process I can’t mess around too much because I fried my hair one too many times.


Now I am stuck. I went from red to purple which was the biggest mistake ever. I killed my hair. I did repair it for the most part. My curls came back, the shine got restored so to go bleach it again to get it bright red… I am a little scared. I also feel I’ve put my hair through so much I may just end up bald.

Meh screw it. I am going back red. Lol. Stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays- miss my red hair

  1. Hahahhaaa no please don’t go bald! I’m so sorry you’re feeling down cause you miss your red hair I’ll cross my fingers and pray for your hair not to fall off when you try to go back! 😀 Xx

  2. We have the same hair, I have done so much to it that I think it will never die. Its almost a game now to see how far I can push my hair before it falls off.

    I just went back to natural black after I got tired of keeping up with the red, I want to get a trim and bleach out my front and go blue.. but I’m scared. If the underside of my hair dies, its no big deal.. instant undercut.. but the front! I have a big enough forehead as it is!!

    Have you tried the Loreal Hi Color red? Thats what I used, and its a one step shot. I got a pretty decent red on one go, from a darker color. It does less damage than pre- bleaching!

    1. I remember that one post you did a while back where you had your tips bright red. It was awesome!
      I used to have such thick hair in my late teens and early twenties. So curly and so so thick. After I started bleaching I lost so much hair but somehow I still have thick hair. Of course not as nearly as it was but still quite a lot. However, I shed like crazy! Not cute.

      I’ve never tried L’Oreal Hi Color red. I never even heard of it actually! So you don’t need to bleach your hair prior and it will still come out bright?? That would be a miracle.
      I use the Ion Salon Brights which is a great hair dye. But it’s not the hair dye it’s the bleach that messes it up.

      I tried Colour Oops. Have you heard of it? It’s supposed to remove the last dye job you did without any bleach. It has sulfur in it. It did not work for me AT ALL… maybe because I have too many layers of various colours. … and the smell.. OMG…. my bathroom stank like rotten eggs and vomit for a week and you cannot wash it out of your hair either for days. Gross. I was actually going to do a review on that crap.

      1. I have thick ass hair too, its pretty dry and angry at me right now, but I’ve needed a trim for MONTHS.. I hate having my hair cut, but thats because I hate hair salon ladies. UGHHH…

        I actually have a box of Color Oops in my bathroom right now. Its a just in case type of thing.

        I had a dark-ish brown color in my hair, not as dark as the top but still dark. Hi color is one step, some people even do it twice. They sell it at Sally’s There is a picture of the box on my red hair post I think.

        I watched this video like 4 times before I finally went and picked up the Hi color!

      2. Oh I’ve seen this video on youtube. I think I have seen this box at Sally’s. I just feel like my hair would be non responsive to this stuff without bleach because it’s been dyed a million times black and purple and red and so forth.
        But I also hate the fact that I have to bleach it again cuz i finally got my curl back. It’s stressful lol

        I should have never changed my hair. I so regret it.

      3. I’ve done a ton to my hair, and its been black, and lightened and died to another color, then black again. It worked on my hair and it didn’t take long. It does bleach, but it does it all in one step. I think I used 30 volume developer.

  3. That’s exactly what happened with me I changed my deep red hair to purple which was a disaster. I had a super conditioning tint put over it in a toffee shade to rescue it. I recommed using Lush Curly Wurly coconut shampoo and Retread conditioner plus LUSH Fluff Eaze styling cream, it totally saved my giant cape of frizz!


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