My song of the Day


I decided I will do a new kind of post every single day and share one song that I happen to be listening to at the moment as I normally have a song that I get fixated each day and play over and over. This could be something really old that popped into my mind or something new or something totally random. Music is a huge part of my life and a day does not go by that I don’t listen to music. I love all genres, because to me music has no borders. Music is universal and so uplifting and inspiring so let’s get inspired together.

One day you’ll catch me listening to Motown all day long, next day will be Salsa, day after some raw hip hop and then I’ll switch it up to soca lol so I can’t pick a favourite but I can say I listen to a lot of underground hip hop because I love music more so for what the artist says more so than the beat of it, unless I am out dancing lol

So my first song that I would like to share with you guys is an old one but not widely known. It’s by a hip hop group (no longer together) called Little Brother from North Carolina, called Slow it Down. This is one of my favourite hip hop songs of all time. Take a listen and pay attention to the clever lyrics. Love it!

” I wanna girl when I wanna girl and when I don’t wanna girl, I wanna girl who understands that”

This is on some grown folk tip.

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