MOTD – Gold Eyeshadow

ImageI discovered this pretty shimmery gold eyeshadow in my make up drawer the other day. It must be a million years old but it’s never been opened. It must have been one of THOSE purchases, where I buy stuff on an emotional impulse and forget about it.


Anyhow,I always see beautiful looks on brown eyes with pretty earth tones, browns, golds, bronze,etc. but when I put it on my brown eyes lol I feel it makes me look washed out, pale and just sick. I feel that purples, blues and greens, suit me better . But I love this gold shadow.

ImageIt’s a smokey kind of gold so it’s very warm looking. It also has somewhat of a metallic look to it and an olive undertone.

After some searching, it seems this eyeshadow is discontinued but I see that L’Oreal has plenty of golds that are similar to it.
Here is what the one I am wearing looks like.


7 thoughts on “MOTD – Gold Eyeshadow

    1. You’re too sweet. Growing up I always felt my eyes were just blah. I used to say ok they’re brown now what lol.. but brown can be beautiful too .. although I am jealous of you green and blue eyed beauties lol

      1. Everyone thinks something else would be better, I wish I had green eyes. I think brown eyes look freaking amazing in golds, they pop with so much depth of color!!


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