NOTD- Simple nail look

ImageI felt like doing a really simple look and I love how this turned out. It’s so feminine and pretty. It literally took me 10 mins, which is the best part!


1. I painted my nails with a clear and shiny base coat from Essence.

2. I did the tips free handed with a soft peach pink colour. This nail polish is some random no name polish I picked up at those beauty warehouse sales.
Cool thing about it, it glows in the dark!!! lol But really you can use any. It’s just a regular brush nail polish.

3. After it SEMI – dried, so not completely…. I took some gold glitter, that’s not actually for nail art, it’s just something I picked up from Dollar Store for arts and crafts and with my nail art stick ( I am sure there is a better name for it lol but here is a picture so you can see it)

Image4. I dabbed into the glitter, one by one and applied right under the tip along the line. Just dabbed it on! I let it dry and applied top coat to seal it, also by Essence.


Hope you love it as much as I do!


14 thoughts on “NOTD- Simple nail look

    1. Uhh Izvini nisam vidjla tvoj comment!! Hvala puno. Imala sam vjestacke nokte prije zato sto mi je nekad ljeno da se brinem o mojim ali kad ih skines onda su tvoji tako osteceni 😦 Nije vrijedno.


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