Help me decide the placement of my next tattoo!

ImageBy looking at this sketch, the story behind the drawing may not be obvious so let me tell you what it represents and the meaning of this tattoo.

The branch is a cherry blossom flower which in the city where I was born, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was our pride and joy. I guess you could say it was like our national flowers. We called it behar. It really represented Mostar.

So as you see there are 3 flowers, well 2 and then a bud.
First flower is fully bloomed, beautiful and whole; which represents my early childhood which was the best a child could ask for. Love, peace and harmony and the best parents one could wish for.
Second flower, has some petals ripped, which symbolizes when the war started and how it ripped everything apart, destroyed my childhood, my family, brought death and sorrow. (Notice the 2 free petals flying away, that’s my innocence flying away)
Third, the bud, represents new life and new beginnings that I made for myself and will continue to always do.

The word Warchild is self explanatory. I was a child, who lived through war, and experienced everything it came with. But I don’t look at it in a negative way. It also represents strength and courage to me.

As you can see I put a lot of thought into this but I really don’t know where to place it. I prefer for all my tats to be somewhat covered.
So keeping that in mind here are the body parts to work with LOL that just sounds funny!

Some ideas:

I have ink in the middle of my back so lower back is possible but I don’t want this meaningful tattoo maybe in the tramp stamp area lol
Upper back
Shoulder blades
Thighs?? (not sure if it’s weird to have this kind of tat on my thigh lol) I have something on the side of my right thigh so not possible!

Ahh see I dontΒ  know so what do you guys think taking into consideration the meaning and symbolism behind it and the size as well.

Thank you and look forward to seeing your opinions!


17 thoughts on “Help me decide the placement of my next tattoo!

  1. I think on your shoulder would look nice! Or on your side (kind of over your ribs). But my vote would be for your shoulder (like the shoulder blade). I do have a question for ya though! When I click on your post from the reader it pops up with your posts but says the blogger only allows a portion to be shown so you have to click see full version to read the whole post – how do you change that option? I would like mine to be like that. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for commenting : ) I already have something on my ribs but shoulder could work!
      As for your question, to be honest with you, I didn’t change it myself. One day it just started showing like that. When I click on other people’s posts, all of theirs show like that so I think it’s something that WordPress changed all across. I would imagine yours show the same but perhaps you can’t see it since it’s your own blog. I just followed you so next time you post something I’ll be able to tell!

  2. I would say upper back but like near the shoulder blade – can’t really explain it. If you didn’t want to cover I’d say foot or like side of your calf – although it wouldn’t work too well unless words are sideways


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