So not exactly Make up of the Day but this was my look for the New Years eve. I did not feel like going over the top glam but I wanted to make my eyes and lips pop but in a subtle way. I wore mainly black so I felt I need to make my face stand out.

I wore only a bit of VICHY foundation stick on my cheeks. I used Essence Concealer Duo as a highlighter under my eyes and above my cheeks, and a touch of GOSH bronzer.


On my eyes, I went with grey tones. I used Essence Quatro eyeshadow palette, consisting of light powdery pink, and 3 tones of greys.

I applied pink all over my eyelid, dark grey on the outer corners and the lightest grey above the dark, sweeping it in towards the inner corner of my eye.

To finish, I did the liquid liner and mascara.


On my lips I applied NYX Narcissus.



Finished product:


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