Word of the day – Embrace your big butts!

ImageI love this. Sure, curves are accepted these days, the bigger the ass the better. In some cultures I guess it was always accepted and found attractive. Well being European, growing up, beautiful was slim, tall and slender. EVERYTHING I AM NOT!
I think my height is average, some would call me short, and I always had some meat on my body, some would call chunky, and I always had a butt which I’ve hated and did everything to hide with my clothing. But I learnt how to embrace it all! Curves are beautiful and meat on the body is what a woman should have!

7 thoughts on “Word of the day – Embrace your big butts!

  1. Amen my big butt sister!!! I’m 5’6 and 175 pounds of ass!

    I was just watching a Victoria’s Secret ad on YouTube, thinking to myself.. why is there no rival brand with cuvry devils? No dis-respect to skinny women, but damn I am tired of seeing woman all over who need a damn cookie. Arms look like a chicken wing after you have eaten it!



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