Get to know me … a little :)

ImageSo my blog is about beauty/fashion but I do write about some random topics at times as well and I feel that by a person’s writing style you can pick up on their personality  but I feel like some of you ladies have really become my friends and I wanted to share a few facts about myself to give you a better idea of who I am. I also get some personal questions from time to time so I thought this would be a good way to let you into the world of Nina a little more lol

1. My first name is Nina. Short, simple and sweet. Oftentimes I get asked if it’s short for anything but nope it’s just Nina. My mom gave me this name for many reasons but one of them is so that people could not make nicknames out of it… yet I still get called Ninz, Neenerz, etc lol

2. I was born in a small but beautiful city called Mostar in former Yugoslavia. I lived there until and during the war. If you don’t know which war, then please get your history game up. I came to Toronto, Canada at the age of 13. I am half Croat and half Serb.

Image3. I currently live in Toronto and have been for the past 19 years. Hmmm.. let’s see if you can figure out how old I am from point 2 and 3 lol

4. I am extremely musical. I started playing piano at the age of 5. I sing, I can read music, I can play the flute, I was in a steel band for a few years and I can play a bit of drums.

5. I have a degree in Criminal Psychology and I’ve always been interested in studying brain and what triggers humans to do certain things.

6. I am an Aquarius and my sign describes me to a T. One thing in particular, we like to be ALONE but not lonely. I love my personal space, I don’t like people too much and I live in my own little world where most people are not welcome lol

7. When I consider someone my friend, I am extremely loyal, kind and giving. And I expect the same in return.

8. I have one sibling, a younger brother, who likes to think he is older. He is my everything, my world, my best friend and I could never be able to breathe without him.


9. I am extremely over analytical and I over think everything and create things in my mind that half the time are not even true. My brain never rests.

10. I have a sever anxiety disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It handicaps me a lot of the time in every day life but I am coping.

11. I love all things beauty and fashion related and always have. From an early age, I always dressed bright, different and funky. Shoes are my number one obsession and I own over 120 pairs of them. Don’t judge me lol

12. I hate body hair. It grosses me out and makes me feel extremely dirty. Luckily I am not a hairy person naturally but little that I do have, I never even let it grow into a stuble lol. Hair on head and eyebrows are not a part of this.

13. I am VERY VERY VERY stubborn. I also have no patience whatsoever. It’s actually really bad.

14. I am very clumsy. I am always covered in bruises and half the time don’t even know where they came from!

15.  I am also very late for absolutely everything. I really try hard to make it on time, but it just never happens. Bad flaw.

16. I have a shopping problem. I am an emotional and compulsive shopper. I still have bags of clothes from years ago with tags on them. I know it’s a real problem but at least I am not drinking or doing drugs.

17. I love to dance. I danced salsa professionally for many years. I can also dance merengue and bachata.

18. I have a bad temper and an anger issue. It was very bad when I was younger, I scraped a lot. At this age, it would be just ridicilious so I try to control that part but my anger still gets the best of me.

19. I lived with my grandma back home, who was my all and my everything. I love my parents , they are my world but my grandma was my jewel. When she passed away, a part of me died and I haven’t been the same.

20. I love tattoos and I have about 8 and will be getting more until I become a book of quotes and pictures all over lol

21. I’ve never seen snow until I came to Canada. Mostar, the city I was born in, was tropical and hella hot. I hate winter.

22. I am very outspoken, blunt and cannot hold anything back. I have to speak my mind because it burns me inside if I don’t. It may not be good always and people may not like it, but at least you always know where you stand with me so people respect it.

23. I don’t have a large group of friends. I have a handful of girlfriends who I love so much. I would do anything for them.

24. I love to travel. My grandma took me all over Europe when I was little and I’ve traveled quite a lot in my 20s.

25. I have a huge fear of needles, spiders and snakes.

26.  I hated my hair growing up. As a little girl my hair grew upwards (pic below in all my fro glory) and then teenage years I would tie it all the time because i thought I looked like an electrocuted poodle. But I love my wild curls now.


So there is a whole bunch of random things about me. You may find interesting or not lol. Like I said, I get random personal questions so this was a good way to answer, also I want you guys to know me a little more.
I’d love to hear more about some of you so please feel free to share your random facts too .

Hope you all had a great wknd beauties.

15 thoughts on “Get to know me … a little :)

      1. Oh you have a make up room? I am jealous. I would like a room instead of a closet for all my stuff. I would love that but it’s not possible at the moment . One day though!
        And I donated about 60 pairs of shoes in September to free up space but instead used it as an excuse to get more lol

      2. Lol..hey next time I do a random donation I will get at you. Sometimes I buy shoes and they fit fine at the store and when I try to wear them they just don’t fit the same. So I have brand new shoes that I can’t wear 😦

  1. Hey hun what a nice idea, I really loved reading about you more and thank you for opening up to us ❤ (You can talk even more soon cause I just tagged you on my blog 😉 ) Whaaaat so many shoes, must be heavenly *-* You and your brother are so sweet together and you were a cute little girl with hair growing upwards ^_^ ❤

  2. you are missed! Also been wearing your shoes (part of the donated items) and your clothes will be coming out tomorrow (yes once a month i take out new clothes to feel like i have something new) – mock all you want – it’s what keeps me sane!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words 🙂
      I agree, I also find it interesting to find out more about people than just what they write about.
      I miss my city and although it will never be repaired and as beautiful how it was before the war, this is how I choose to remember it.


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