There is just something about leather! (FAUX leather in this case)

ImageI am not compleeeetely against wearing real fur and leather but i do prefer fake over real as I am a huge animal lover. You can see my lil furry baby below ❤ Anyway there is something so sexy and confident that comes over you when you put on leather. Well that’s how I feel anyway lol.

ImageThis was a night out with booski lol

I am wearing:

High waisted faux leather tights I got from Forever 21
Thigh high stiletto boots
Faux leather and sheer peplum top with a gold belt I picked up from Axiom a little boutique downtown Toronto. This top allows for some serious cleavage but the event we were going was work related so I wore a lace tube top bra underneath for a more conservative look.

ImageI pinned my hair all to the one side and accessorized with a whole lot of gold. Solid gold hoop earrings, Cougar gold chain and a matching cougar gold bracelet. I just realized that I did not take a close up of my accessories. Terrible! But you can see from the pic below.

ImageImageAnd here is my baby. He is my best friend in the whole world. I call him Benjo the Boss. lol



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