In LOOOOVEEE !!! How hot is this dress?

ImageI love anything black and gold combined. It’s classy, it’s sexy, it’s just IT! I absolutely love this dress. It hugs you in all the right places and it shows off just enough of what it needs to!
The sides are a tiny bit much and I would have to figure out the panties situation however I took this in the store fitting room so excuse that part please. I even like how my tattoo on my thigh shows a bit!

ImageI went looking for a Christmas party dress and although this was definitely not appropriate for that occasion, I saw it, fell in love and had to try it on. I will find an occasion for it! lol

ImageThere is a tiny little store on Yonge str.(Yonge and Wellesley) , Toronto called AXIOM and they have really unique pieces. Good thing is they have only 2 or 3 pieces of everything so you won’t walk down the street and see someone else wearing the same outfit. Their prices are affordable and clothes is just beautiful. They don’t have a website unfortunately, otherwise I would give it to you guys.


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