Ready for winter – daytime look

ImageNo matter how long I live in Canada I cannot and will never get used to winter. Although it does snow and gets very cold in certain parts of my country, the city where I was born and lived it never snowed!!!! It was 40+ degrees (Celsius) in summer and the coldest it got in winter was 10 C. And yes I’ve been living in Canada for 18 years but this cold ain’t no joke.

This is my daytime, going to the mall look. Bundled up and warm but still looking cute and fashionable lol.

ImageI am absolutely obsessed with these fur head bands or however you wish to call them. I bought a bunch last winter, leopard print, white, black, etc. They make the entire outfit, and unlike some head gear that I can only wear if my hair is down, this you can put on no matter how you wear your hair. And it keeps you warm while lookin cute and chic!


I really don’t have a cute outfit underneath though! LOL! Just some black skinny jeans and a dark grey sweater with a black scarf but here is a pic of it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Ready for winter – daytime look

  1. Oh the joys of winter 😀 I was born in a cold country but I have gotten used to the warmer weather a little too much here in Italy 😛 We were even thinking about moving to Canada and I was worried about the cold 😀 I think it’s the first time I see a fur head band and I think it looks very cool! xxxx

    1. Thanks Mammu. 🙂
      Well I am from a small city at the border of Bosnia and Croatia. It’s a few hours drive away from Italy so the weather was amazing growing up.
      Coming to Canada 18 years ago in May and seeing snow on the ground I was like What the Hell is going on?!?!?! Snow in May? lol
      It is really brutally cold in winter and it does suck but gotta take the good with the bad right?
      I think if it was hot all year round I would get sick of that too.

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