GOSH Eyebrow kit (product review) – AMAZING!

ImageIn one word, this eyebrow kit is AWESOME. In this small little compact, it contains everything you absolutely need for perfect, natural looking eyebrows.

I don’t like using a pencil for eyebrows because they look too drawn on and in other words FAKE. I prefer a powder because the powdery substance I feel is more natural looking. The only pencils I would use is if they are more of a crayon like or chalky substance as these again give a more natural look.


I do not fill in my entire eyebrows, as I don’t personally need to but I fill in the front (as that started to disappear on me !) and then I just go over my entire brow to even it out.

With that being said, I have been using Marcelle Duo Eyebrow Pro pencil which is great. It’s that chalky already angled pencil on one side and gel on the other.


But I do prefer a powder and I’ve been searching for a good one until I saw this GOSH compact at Shoppers Drug Mart for only $20!

It contains 3 shades of brown, light, medium and dark and an eyebrow clear wax/gel.
There is also a small mirror in the compact and a brush, one tip is angled and the other is just a regular applicator.

– easy to apply
– the brush allows for different shapes and easy to use
– it does NOT fade or smudge
– lasts all throughout the day, no need to re-touch
– gives a smooth, natural look
-shades easily blendable

I love this. I blend the medium and dark brown together for a perfect shade to match my natural brow colour.


What do you use for your brows?


8 thoughts on “GOSH Eyebrow kit (product review) – AMAZING!

  1. I dont use anything for my brows as you know, they are nice bushy caterpillers 🙂 *muah* That being said, I love Gosh products as well as Smashbox.

      1. I was looking for a good blush that doesn’t come off after like an hour and the cosmetician suggested Smashbox, and I really love it. It lasts for hours.

    1. I do! I prefer the pencil. It’s the perfect shade for me which I have a hard time finding because a lot of the darker brown brow stuff has a red tint to it which I hate.
      This one is a perfect chocolate colour.


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