How to: Liquid eyeliner – all you need to know!

ImageI always get asked how I line my eyes with a liquid eyeliner and get a smooth flowy line so here is a short blog explaining all about that and the liquid liners I use. This is my go to look and besides lip gloss, liquid liner is my ESSENTIAL make up item. Liquid liners are a MUST!

My every day make up look is liquid liner, mascara and whatever lip stick/lip gloss I pick for the day. Lining your eyes with a liquid eyeliner can really do wonders for your entire face. Brighten you up, liven you up, make your eyes bigger and accentuate the natural beauty and shape of your eyes. IF DONE PROPERLY, of course!Image I know that liquid eyeliner can be a scary thought if you are not used to it, and yes it can be challenging to apply it but once you get used to it and master the technique, you will not be able to live without it! Like me πŸ™‚


1. The most important thing is choosing a good liquid eyeliner, yes the product itself but most importantly I mean, a GREAT APPLICATOR. For me personally, that means, short stick so I can hold it comfortably and control it easily. I hate long brushes, applicator sticks, etc, because I don’t have a solid grip and then my line comes out all kind of squiggly.

2. I never apply the liquid eyeliner straight . I outline my eye with a pencil (creamy pencil) and this line does not have to be perfect. Actually I do it anyhow, anyway, but as close to my eyelash as possible. This simply serves as a guide for the liquid liner.

3. I take the liquid eyeliner, I dab the excess product and then start at the end of my eyelash line, drawing the line slightly outward (this depend on how winged you want your look, I like mine natural for every day and a bit more cat eye-ish and line more extending, for evening, dramatic look)

4. When I have my line drawn outwards, then wherever that tip ends I take it back in one smooth motion all the way to the inner corner of my eyelash line.

5. I go over it now, from inner to outer, to make the liner a bit thicker if I need to and more solid.

6. While I am doing this, I hold and gently stretch out my face (btwn my cheek and eye temple) to tighten the skin there so the line can be smooth.

7. Practice makes perfect! Now I can do this in my sleep.

Here is a little diagram.


The liquid eyeliner I use is Rimmel Exaggerate. The applicator is perfect. Pointy tip, short stick, easy to grip and apply.

ImageThe pencil I use for my lower/inner eye rim, and what I use as my grid on the upper eyelid, is also by Rimmel. It’s creamy, almost like a crayon, it just glides on. It’s very pigmented and long lasting.


3 thoughts on “How to: Liquid eyeliner – all you need to know!

  1. I’m obsessed with liquid liner. Now I barely use anything else – although your lines are still a bit smoother than mine!

  2. You need a vlog for this. Reading this type of instruction is way complicated for me πŸ™‚ And I want to learn this!


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