Rimmel Apocalips Lip Gloss- Product Review

ImageSo they claim it’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss. It’s supposed to be a rich colour enhanced by a satin smooth shine.
I wanted to like this so bad but I am actually very disappointed. I like Rimmel lip products. I own quite a few. So when this came on the market I’ve been wanting to try them. I’ve also seen a few ladies on here do reviews of it and they seemed happy.

They came in 13 different shades and very nice packaging.  Beautiful shades, I’ll give them that. I was in search of a  nude lip gloss so I picked it up in Nude, called Phenomenon. It is a peachy nude shade. Perfect nude if you must.

ImageI’ve sampled other colours too on my hand and they all applied smoothly , thick , came out vibrant , pigmented and so shiny. I was sold!

2013-11-11 14.25.59
Once you apply it initially, it does do everything they claim, it is satin like, soft, pigmented, beautiful texture on your lips. I know some may mind the smell but I actually like that part, it’s kind of flowery. Looks great right?


About 5-10 mins after, this lip gloss dries terribly. It turns matte, that beautiful shine disappears and so does the colour with it. It looks more of a stain from whatever the colour used to be. My lips just looked cracked and chapped.

I purchase lip glosses simply for the GLOSS effect. If I wanted a matte lip product, I’d go get a matte lipstick. I loved the original Rimmel glosses. They are long lasting, and have a wet effect to them. So I thought if those were good, these new ones will be off the chain! No. Big Fail.

Maybe other colours are not like this but I don’t even care to try.

Have you tried these lip glosses? What did you think? Am I the only crazy one that did not like these?


4 thoughts on “Rimmel Apocalips Lip Gloss- Product Review

  1. I actually really liked the Apocalips. Have you tried moisturising your lips with a lip balm about 15 mins before you apply on the gloss? If you find it still isn’t good, then apply a lip liner so the gloss has something to “stick to” and won’t settle in the natural lines of your lips?


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