Peplum Everything!

ImageSo I used to be on point with my outfits posts in the summer and I have not done of these in so long. You’re going to have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures this time. I love peplum everything. Tops and skirts and dresses.

I am wearing a black peplum dress, which is very short and extremely tight and I would wear it by itself if I am going out for the night. Since I wore this to work I paired it up with a pair of black tights for a more professional and appropriate look. This dress is from believe it or not Walmart! Imagine that. I don’t discriminate. If something is cute, it’s cute.


I got my riding boots on lol.. black with a brown top. These are super comfy and my favourite fall/winter boots for every day. I got them from the department store Winners.


My jacket is a black bomber jacket outlined with fur with a high collar and a belt from Zara.


Bag is Louis Vuitton and of course I needed to throw in some leopard print in the mix with my scarf.


My chain is my latest purchase of my skull collection and I simply love it. Yes, Im still into my skull obsession .


Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!


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