In love with my vanity.

ImageSince I already wrote a post today, sombre one and totally unrelated to fashion/beauty I couldn’t leave you all depressed so I had to share my new love with you 🙂

Some time ago I wrote a post about vanities and the one I was going to get. Well, I did get it but it was very small for my needs and I ended up returning it. Since then I’ve been on a search for a perfect vanity and I could not find anything. When I say vanity, I mean the entire package, table, mirror and stool all in one.
So, I decided to look for pieces separately and make my own. I think I did pretty good, don’t you agree?

I found everything at Marshall’s. The table is pretty spacious. Solid black with one long drawer. It’s a mix between a modern and older fashioned look which is perfect. Regular price was $299 but since it had 2 little chips they had it on clearance for $90. Amazing!

The stool is also a solid black wooden stool. The legs look kind of cool. It was $60 which is slightly overpriced for a stool in my opinion but doable.

I found so many great mirrors but in the end decided to go with this simple look because I thought it was very modern and fresh looking. It was $40.


I am missing the vanity lights which I want to go all around the mirror like in this picture and it will go perfect with this mirror.


So all in all, I got my vanity for under $200.

I put it in a corner of the room and it fit like a glove. It is right at the foot of my bed by the window. So I created my own little corner and put these gorgeous wall art flowers that I got from Ikea. It is my favourite spot in my bedroom now.


Let me know what you guys think!


10 thoughts on “In love with my vanity.

    1. Sarah, Bed Bath and Beyond had some really nice ones and the price was not too bad. The cheapest was 199. It included everything. What I did here is I bought the pieces separately and it all came to just under 200 . Not bad. You can find really great furniture pieces at Home Sense, Winners and Marshalls for vanities. Beautiful tables and mirrors. Stools are easy.


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