Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Magic for Hair, Skin, Ailments, EVERYTHING!

ImageAlthough I love and swear by Coconut Oil for EVERYTHING, I am always trying different oils for my hair to nourish, replenish, repair the constant damage I do to it by dyeing it and make my curls as healthy as they can be. I’ve always heard about Jamaican Castor Oil but not sure why I never gave it a try, until I did about 2 weeks ago. I only write about products I try and they do a miracle and I get so excited about that I want to share with all of you. This is THAT product. I may be late and a lot of you may already be aware of the benefits of Castor Oil but in case you’re not here it is.

Since dyeing my hair purple and then back to black, it has really been limp. I mean a lot of the shine and texture has come back but my curls are still lacking that shine and bounce and my hair is just falling out and breaking off like crazy. I literally shed as I walk! It’s gross.

I’ve heard that Castor Oil is super effective on hair growth so I decided to give it a try.
I picked up the Sunny Isles Jamaican Black Castor Oil from a local Beauty Supply Store and have been using it every other day by massaging it into my scalp and all over my hair and leaving for about an hour.
It took about a week until I noticed that I am barely shedding. Lol. My hair is just so thicker and fuller and the shine! Wow.
I just recently cut my hair as you know if you’ve seen my previous blog posts and in these two weeks I have been using Castor Oil , my hair already grew . What the hell!

I did some more research on this miracle oil and here is what I found :

ImageWhat is Castor Oil ?
It is the oil extracted from the seed of the castor plant. It’s not necessarily Jamaican. It is native to India but Jamaicans have a slightly different extraction process which makes their oil unique I suppose you could say. More on that below.
It is thick in consistency. It feels different than other oils. It gets absorbed quickly so you are not left with the oily residue.
It is relatively odourless. Relatively meaning – it has some scent but it is very light and the best I can describe it is it’s RAW lol.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The oil ranges from clear to dark brown consistency. Jamaican is darker. The reason being is, instead of boiling, the seeds are roasted than passed through a grinder. This pulp is then boiled. This makes it dark, the presence of the ashes from the roasting.

Why is Castor Oil beneficial ?
It contains 3 fatty acids, ricinoleic (90%), linoleic and oleic.
It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal enzymes.

Now the best part. What are the BENEFITS of Castor Oil?

– No matter what your hair type is, it boosts the hair growing process
– Perfect for hair loss and hair thinning
– Strong, shiny, split ends free, thick hair
– Helps with dry itchy scalp

How to use it?

I massage it into my scalp for about a few minutes, as it stimulates blood flow, then I massage all over my hair, and especially on ends. I wrap my hair up in a scarf and leave for about an hour, first week, I did it over night.

BONUS: Eyebrows and Lashes are hair too right? Well, it thickens your brows as well, and it makes your lashes grow longer. I am not vouching for this YET as I have not tried it and just came across this info but I will MOST DEF try it and report back.
– Perfect for cleansing – goes deep into pores
– Lessens appearance of scars, wrinkles, spots, etc.
– Helps with acne due to its antibacterial properties

– Helps with healing cuts and wounds faster.
– Helps with back aches, arthritis inflammation and similar.

Here is a great website to read more. Let me know if you have tried Jamaican Black Castor Oil before and what your thoughts are!

Have a wonderful weekend lovlies! I am sick as a dog and hopefully be better soon 😦


16 thoughts on “Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Magic for Hair, Skin, Ailments, EVERYTHING!

  1. ok – I think you have found the answer to my shedding. The water here is so harsh and because of the heat i have to wash my hair every 2 days and i shed like it’s nooooo body’s business. I will have to go hunting for Jamaican Castor Oil now. Let me know what happens to your lashes 😉

    1. Hi Sarah 🙂 Well I have been using coconut oil for years and years and I do think it’s amazing for so many different things when it comes to hair. I’ve noticed that it replenishes dry hair, repairs damaged hair, gives shine and strength however I have not noticed that coconut oil prevents hair from shedding or that it helps hair grow. So in that regard I’d say castor oil is better. The hair growth with the use of castor oil is really strongly stressed all through the research I did so I’d say go with that .

      1. I bought it from a beauty supply store downtown. But any large beauty supply stores carry it and definitely ethnic ones do. This one was on Yonge street close to Wellesley subway station.

  2. What’s this like on the skin? Does it end up greasy when you cleanse and does it lock the moisture in?

    1. Hey Niki. Well Castor Oil is very thick and gooey in consistency. You know how some oils are almost watery, not this. So it does not leave your skin oily or greasy. But I do have to say it leaves your skin somewhat sticky for a bit. HOwever, I find that it absorbs really fast so the stickiness goes away fast and leaves your skin extremely soft.
      Also, it is long lasting and it does lock the moisture in.
      I have not really used it as a facial cleanser too much. I just tried it. It did remove my make up but I did not like the sticky part on my face so that’s why I have not done it since. However, I do remove my make up with baby wipes and I put a bit of castor oil on a cotton ball and just go over my eyebrows and eyelashes.


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