Face of the Day (getting ready in 2.5 sec while being over an hour late for work!)

ImageThere is nothing that red lipstick cannot fix!
I woke up extra late today. It’s raining. It’s cold. It’s hella miserable. I jumped out of bed stupid, rushing to get ready because I am already an hour late for work!!! But I still have to look presentable so I tied up my hair in a bun in 1.5 seconds lol and put a hair band to hold the pieces that didn’t make it into the bun and hey it looks decent.

I did not apply my VICHY foundation but I just dabbed the VICHY corrector stick on my cheeks to even out my complexion and cover up my rosy cheeks (btw Rosacea is bahaving knock on wood)
On my eyes I only have liquid eyeliner and mascara.
On my cheeks I have MAC’s Warm Soul blush.

After all this I still looked tired and bland so I applied Revlon’s Cherry Ice lipstick (you can read about it in my Fall Favourites blog post) and right away my face just became alive. What a difference.

So when I went to get my morning coffee, the lady at the coffee shop says to me “You know your face always looks so fresh and flawless” LOL
In my head I am thinking only if you know I did this in 1 minutes .

These are all the products I am wearing in this picture. Nothing else!

1, VICHY Corrective Stick
2. Rimmel Exaggarate Liquid Eyeliner
3. L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
4. MAC Warm Soul Blush
5. Revlon Cherry Ice Lipstick




2 thoughts on “Face of the Day (getting ready in 2.5 sec while being over an hour late for work!)

  1. Loving that sweater with that colour lipstick, it totally pops! And it really makes me think of all the wonderful that Fall is.


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