September/October (FALL) Favourites

I haven’t done one of these in months! But I’ve actually been really boring lately. Kind of plain and blah in the products I’ve been using and I have not been experimenting much with any new stuff, but I have made some changes in my daily routines (hair, skin care, make up) as we have transitioned from summer to fall. Here is what I have been mainly using:


1. FACE (skin care) – Baby Wipes
I used to alternate between actual make up wipes (Ponds) and baby wipes to remove my make up and clean my face however I have completely left make up wipes behind and solely use baby wipes. I have extremely dry skin, even in summer, but fall/winter time even more so (if that’s even possible) and I find that baby wipes are a lot more moisturizing and leave my skin so soft after I use them. They also get the job done very well. Remove all the make up and dirt. My skin is also very sensitive and I figure if it’s good enough for a baby’s butt it’s good enough for my face lol.
I use Huggies and I get the refill pack of 184 wipes for 10 CAD.


2. SKIN – Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer – Cocoa Radiant
I love this stuff. They come in 3 different scents and I have not tried the others , only the Cocoa as I am obsessed with anything coconut related. It comes out as spray , and your skin just absorbs it no need to rub, although I do a little and you’re good to go. It smells divine and leaves your skin silky smooth.
It was 6.99 CAD on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart although I believe they’re a bit more pricey regularly.

coconut lime body butter(1)_xl

3. SKIN – Lime and Coconut Body Butter
I use the one from Bath and Body works and then this Lucscious Body Butter with Shea. I love how this stuff smells. Like I said I am obsessed with anything coconut related. I adore the coconut scent, it’s so warm and sweet but now you add some lime to that mix and OH MY GOSH! lol… you get citrusy refreshing scent with a warm touch. Yum. I love using butters in fall rather than just lotions because they hydrate your skin much better and it lasts throughout the day.
You can get this at beauty supply stores or Bath and Body Works… prices vary but big container about 10 CAD.

cburst lipstick cherry ice

4. LIPS -Revlon Colorburst – Cherry Ice
I only used to wear red lipstick going out at night to a club or some special event but I have left that notion behind as of the past few months and have been rockin red lips a lot. I love this red lipstick because it is not so BAM! in your face red. It’s very pigmented but it’s a nice daytime red with a slight shimmer – hence the ice part. Only sucky thing is that it doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to and I do find myself applying it often. I think it’s perfect for fall!
Can’t remember how much this was but you can find it anywhere in your local drug stores.


5. LIPS -Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter – Cotton Candy
I really don’t like frosty lipstics and this pink one is slightly frosty but does not come across that way on your lips. It’s a nice warm pink and I just love all the Revlon lip butters period. Not much more to say about this really. Just a nice pink for every day.


6. HAIR – Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
So in the summer time I use the Shea Moisture Souffle for my curls and in the fall time I switch over to the Smoothie. Not sure why that is because the souffle is a jello substance and wet looking so you’d think my dry hair would soak it up more but not so much. The smoothie is great. It’s creamy but not oily. It’s hydrating and it styles my curls.


7. FACE – Mac Warm Soul Blush
During the summer months, I use a bronzer no blush, however in the fall time, I think the bronzer looks a bit odd on me. I don’t tan in the salon and I go pretty pale in colder months so the bronzer just looks too much. Warm Soul blush by MAC I feel is a mixture between a nice rosy pink and a golden bronzer so you get both in one and it looks great. It’s warm, gives you a tint of colour , very subtle.


8. NAILS – Gold Nail polishes by Revlon
So I feel as if this entire post I’ve been promoting Revlon lol.. I do like their cosmetics but anyhow. I haven’t done any crazy nail stuff lately but I do find myself wearing a lot of gold nail polish variations. I love GOLD . LOVE LOVE. And Gold just goes with Fall time. These are my 3 faves.


9. HEALTH – Immune Renew – NOW
Ok this is slightly different but more important. I don’t really take any vitamins or supplements. I try but since I didn’t grow up with all that – we just believe in fruits and veggies back in my country to get your source of vitamins from lol… I cannot get it to become a habit but this stuff I actually swear by.
Last winter I got sick so much like never in my life so I went by a local health store and spoke with a herbal/nutrition guide who advised me to take this Mushroom Blend supplements. I did my research and people swore by this stuff and now I do too. Since I started to take these (knock on wood) I can’t remember last time I got a cold. So now that the cold weather is here and every year we get introduced to new strains of the flu virus, I am starting to take this again.
The root of a mushroom (blend of various mushrooms) it strenghtens your immune system by increasing T-Cells and Natural Killer Cell Activity. They basically destroy unhealthy cells in your body.
You can read more about it here.

That’s all from me. Let me know what some of your favourites are for Fall.



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