So I chopped my hair off….

ImageSince I promised myself I would not dye my hair until next summer, of course I was getting the itch to do something new. Although it was getting healthier after my latest bleaching session, the ends were just fried and NEEDED to GO. So I decided to do an asymmetrical bob, longer version.

How it looks when it’s curly

ImageHow it looks when it’s straight

I had a bob a few years back , really short one and it suited me I really liked it but with having curly hair I had to straighten it all the time because being that short and curly I looked like an electrocuted poodle.


I separated my hair in 3 sections. I tied the back part into a pony tail and brought the sides forward. I left the longer part untouched on my right side and cut the rest on an angle. I did the same on the left side, only cutting more off. Then I cut the back part just straight. It was quite simple.


Anyhow. I miss my long hair but it’ll grow back. By summertime it’ll have nice length and it’ll be healthy.

So yay or nay? lol


14 thoughts on “So I chopped my hair off….

  1. We all need a good chop sometimes! πŸ™‚ I think you did a great job and you look gorgeous *_*; you couldn’t have done a better job! Happy (almost) weekend dear! xoxo

  2. Yay! Definite Yay! looks really good! suits you very well!
    Also why does your hair at the front look normal when it’s curly mine looks like a disaster

    1. Thank you Sarah πŸ™‚ maybe ill do some make up posts then! I didn’t do much in these pics though , it’s my everyday look pretty much,.liquid liner, mascara and whatever lipstick lol


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