I built my own nail polish rack!

ImageI have been looking for a nail polish rack, not a basket or a box of some sort but an actual rack that can go on the wall just like in nail salons and I could not find it anywhere! I’ve watched numerous youtube videos for ideas and then I just said OK I am creative enough I can think of something on my own and this is what I came up with! So proud lol.

ImageI literally found things around the house with an exception of one that I picked up at a Dollar store.

This is all I used:

– white picture canvas $2.00 CAD
– old shoe box that I made little shelves out of
– Masking tape (zebra print) $1.00 CAD
– Crazy glue

images zebra-duct-tape

I picked up a decent size white canvas and the size would depend on how many nail polishes you have. I have about 50 or so.
I had zebra masking tape around from something else I was doing a few weeks back and this I also picked up from a Dollar store.

1. I took one of my bigger nail polish bottles and placed it aligned with the bottom edge of the canvas.

2. With a pen I marked the top that the bottle reached as that is where the shelf will be placed

3. I used the nail polish bottle while moving it up along the canvas to mark where each shelf would be placed

4. Once I had everything marked, I took an old shoe box . I made the shelves about 2inches wide and the length was obviously the length of the canvas.

5. I cut it up and then covered it with the zebra masking tape.

6. I used the crazy glue to glue the shelves to the marked lines.

7. I cut up smaller pieces (on the side) and covered them with tape as well to serve as additional support.


That’s all!

I haven’t hung it on the wall yet but when I do, it’ll be hung just like you would hang a regular canvas picture!

My carpet in the bedroom is zebra print so this goes perfect. Hope you like it!


19 thoughts on “I built my own nail polish rack!

    1. Oh yeah I was trying to get my boyfriend to make one for me first but he was taking too long for one because he kept talking about technicalities lol.. you need to get the right kind of plastic.. and the right kind of support.. i said it’s just a nail polish rack! forget it I’ll do it myself lol

      1. Hey hun, I tried to get my hubby to build one for me but I have given up now. We even went to the DIY store together and I spent ages in there without complaining… but… he cannot find the right materials. You know what? I’ll build one myself. Hope to have the time this weekend. I’ll keep you posted. And thanks for putting ideas in my head. πŸ™‚

      2. Well see that’s the thing about men. They need everything to be so technical lol My boyfriend was saying the same thing, I need to get the right type of materials. I said it’s a nail polish rack! It’s really not that serious lol. So I said forget it I’ll do it myself. He laughed at me first when he saw that I was cutting up my shoe box but when it was all done he said wow I’m impressed, that’s better than probably what I would’ve done lol.
        So go for it! And let me know how it turns out!
        Now I need something to store my sunglasses in hehe


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