Hair colour change – yet again!

ImageNo more purple hair ! I know I’ve been MIA lately. This recent move is proving to be really crazy busy. It’s only been a month but I am exhausted and ready for everything to settle down. However, I did find some time to change my hair colour 🙂
I loved the purple but got tired of it VERY fast. It was incredibly hard to maintain it. I was touching it up every 2 weeks and my hair was so dry and fried and just not very flattering at all. It lost all its shine and it was so dull and looked like wool.

ImageNow, I know black hair suits me. It’s the closest to my natural hair colour I’ll ever get. I actually really like the fresh black dye, it’s shiny, exotic and classy all at the same time. But I get soooo BORED of it. It’s just BLACK. Now what? I feel that I look plain and boring lol.

So I wanted to do my tips bright pink. Magenta. I did not want to bleach my hair again because it is so damaged from purple, so I applied it on top of purple and got this darker purple/burgandy shade. I am not crazy in love with it because I wanted something more vibrant and poppin but it is ok for now.
I did my tips and underneath burgandy. Rest is black.

ImageIt’s a fall/winter hair colour. I won’t be touching it until summer time.

ImageLet me know what you think!! XOXO

6 thoughts on “Hair colour change – yet again!

  1. Hey hun! There is always time to change your hair color! 🙂 You look good with every rainbow color but I have a feeling you can’t not to change it until the spring hehhhee I’m having hair issues too, must be an autumn thing, it’s like I feel so uncomfortable in every way :/ xxxx

    1. Thanks Mammu! I also have a feeling I may get the itch to change it before spring/summer but I am going to try really hard not to cuz my hair is so dry and fried cuz of the purple. I want to get it healthy again. It’s starting to curl again because it wouldnt even curl when it was purple. It was a disaster 😦


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