ImageI love gold colours on my nails… whether it’s just one accent nail or the whole hand. It’s just so classy but chic.

I got this unusual colour from Rimmel. It’s a mix between, brown, grey and a touch of purple. Perfect for fall.
It’s the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey.


I added some solid gold Revlon polish on some of my nails and shimmer from Sephora on my ring finger.


6 thoughts on “NOTD

  1. So how do your nails hold up with all the change (ie using polish remover every day?) I’m speaking for us loyal viewers. LoL

    1. Honestly girl I don’t know. I don’t take any kind of special care of my nails. They just have always been strong and solid. Always were able to grow really nice and long. They don’t chip. I don’t have a tip lol or a secret. So the every day nail polish change and nail polish remover use did not affect me ever so I never really thought about it. I just keep doing it.. However I do use acetone free nail polish remover. Sorry I don’t have a secret to share.


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