African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave in Conditoner (Deeeee best) review

ImageThis is one of the best leave in conditioners that I have ever used AND it can also be applied as a curl styling product but before I get into it let me tell you this… I have to admit something to you guys!
Remember when I asked for your advice about going purple…. yeah!  Although I love my purple hair and I do not regret changing my hair colour from bright red (okay maybe I’m a little sad 😦 but no regrets because I wanted it so well I did it, I get compliments about it all the time.. people stop me on the street to ask me about my hair colour! HOWEVER, the bleaching process I had to go through by changing my hair from such intense red to such intense purple was brutal and after I was done, I CRIED . Like big for real tears. MY CURLS WERE DEAD AND GONE.

I have bleached my hair a million times in the past. I’ve lost my curls before. When I would go back and forth from red to black and black to red, I killed and fried my hair. I lost so much hair. I damaged the shit out of it BUT NEVER like this. It lost its curl pattern, the texture, it was dry, frizzy, but screw all that, I ‘ll deal with that, but the curls were like straws… no like spaghetti… straight, thin strings just hanging.

When I damaged my hair in the past it looked like a hot mess but I healed it back. It took a really long time though but I did it. With constant hair cuts and oil treatments my curls came back. They were healthy, shiny but best of all they looked alive and bouncy. This is what bothers me the most. I had my hair back and now I ruined it!!!!!! What have I done?

Anyway it really made me miserable because I could not do much with it so my one and only hair style was my go to bun. To make it worse, the purple fades so fast and ugly that I have to keep touching it up which defeats the purpose of any treatments I would be doing if I am colouring it every 2 weeks. Ahh what a freakin mess.

Anyhow, it’s been about a month or so now I’d say and I am happy to say that my curl pattern is starting to return. They are coming back..My hair was so dead and dry and just limp. But now it’s starting to get that bounce back and look alive and I am starting to get hope back that one day I will repair it fully…. maybe one day soon? lol

This is what it looks like today (my pic above)…. you can see it’s more so wavy than anything but a few weeks ago it would not curl at all. NOTHING. It was straight and limp.

And what I have to thank is good old cooking coconut oil and this amazing leave in conditioner.

So I wrote about coconut oil for hair before. It is the best shit since sliced bread lol I have been applying organic raw coconut oil every 3rd day and leaving it in over night or a few hours and washing it out to get the hydration back, to repair the damage.

Then I took a trip to my beauty supply store and noticed this African Pride hair line. I’ve seen it before but never really picked up any of their products. They have all kind of things for curly hair but I needed a damn miracle which is exactly what it said on this jar so I thought hey I’m desperate here!


Let me tell you!!!! This has saved my hair. Well this and my coconut oil of course , but I have been using this almost every single day no lie. I don’t shampoo my hair every day, sometimes I will just soak it and apply this all through my hair. I actually saturate my hair because it is not greasy or oily at all. You can just slober it on!

But I also use it as a styling product. This has brought my curls back to me!!!

The product comes in this decent size plastic jar so it’s easy to scoop it out.
The texture is creamy but not extremely thick or gooey. It is very easy to apply and distribute on wet or dry hair.
It leaves no residue, no sticky feeling, no greasiness.

This leave in conditioner is VERY VERY moisturizing. Since my hair is so dry now I can just feel it drinking this stuff up. But it’s doing an amazing job at hydrating this, I have read many reviews and it seems most are positive but I have read from one girl that she feels this product does not penetrate but only coats the hair. Well, I can’t tell , mine seems to be working it all the way in.
It makes the hair very soft and it tames the frizz while it enhances the curl pattern. It also can be used as a detangler.

It is sulfate and paraben free. This jar was about 10 bucks CAD which is relatively cheap for this size of product.

Now, THE SMELL.. oh my… IT SMELLS TROPICAL.. like mango, shea and coconut all in one but BETTER. It is strong but I love it …. love love love itt… my boyfriend was following me around like a puppy saying OMG what is that smell? is that you? DO THEY MAKE A BODY LOTION IN THAT? LMAO.

Anyway… this stuff has truly been a miracle just like it says because it is saving my hair. I am going to continue doing coconut oil treatments and using this leave in and I’ll update you guys on everything.

If you have curly hair I STRONGLY recommend this product. Your hair does not have to be damaged in order to use. It is just the best new curly hair product I discovered.


11 thoughts on “African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave in Conditoner (Deeeee best) review

  1. Nina, few more days and we better hit up this beauty supply store – I am in desperate need of good hair product for dry, frizzy hair and I want my curls to last more than 12 hours!

  2. Until recently I had long ombre curls to the bottom of my back almost. Problem was the ends of my hair looked like straw. No matter how much coconut oil and conditioning I did each week. They just weren’t sitting right so I had to chop off all the bleach. My hair feels so much better and looks healthier. It’s just at an awkward mid shoulder length where I don’t really know what to do with it. Before I would leave it big and loose like a lions mane. Now it just looks like a crazy 80’s perm. Oh the things we do for fashion.

    1. You know what sometimes there is no oil in the world or product that could repair or reverse some damage we do to our hair… in that case the only solution is a good hair cut. That’s the solution in most cases with the dry or straight strandy ends unfortunately. You just gotta chop off the fried loose ends. I had to do it this time when bleach murdered my hair. There is nothing worse than your hair all nice and curly from roots mid way down and then ends just hanging there straight like sticks. But we just keep holding onto that length lol… I also feel my hair is in that awkard length now… down to my collarbone but it’ll grow! Im sure there is some oil for that too lol

      1. Yeah the bottom half of my hair didn’t match the top. It has a lot of volume naturally and then it would just be very lifeless towards the bottom. Plus all those curls in the summer would killer. So much extra heat. At the moment I just make sure I use some leave in conditioner after I wash it and I don’t use heat and it seems to do the trick. I am a simple gal really lol. Sometimes if I can be bothered I twist it before bed so its extra curly when I wake up.

    1. You can most definitely use it.
      It actually was made for african american hair, not so much mixed textures. I am obviously white lol and my hair is pretty curly and extremely dry and damaged due to bleaching and dying it red… and it’s also very course and it works great for me.
      But then also one of my friends who is black uses this on the regular to make her hair softer and also when she does twists. She loves it.
      You can’t go wrong. And if all else fails, it smells great !


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