Isn’t she a beauty? LOL

ImageYes, I am talking about this piece of furniture. This vanity.

I’ve always wanted a vanity and I am surprised that me such make up enthusiast never got one but I just didn’t. Now I found a perfect one where the stool actually matches my bedroom carpet! Love it.

You can find this at Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s on sale for 150CAD.

Here is another one I also liked. Bit more storage space plus side mirrors as well. It’s a 100 dollars more expensive.


I love it. I can’t wait to organize everything and show you guys!


8 thoughts on “Isn’t she a beauty? LOL

    1. Oh you know what? I saw an antique one for only 80 bucks, cherry wood. It was pretty but I wanted something more modern to go with my bedroom. But if you are looking for something like that, than you wont find a better deal. Its at this store called xs cargo. In Scarborough at Kennedy and Lawrence. Not sure if you ever ventured out there but its a strip with all the furniture shops and discount stores. I love it. They have a website too just search xs cargo and look up vanity. Let me know if you like it.

  1. They both are beautiful! *_* The first one is very trendy and cool while the second is fancy and femminine. =) I’ve never had a vanity either and probably won’t be getting one any time soon; m,y bedroom, is too small =(

      1. No, belive me….I don’t even have a closet in my bedroom :/ It’s cause our house was not built to be residential but is an old town hall. We have a huge living room but just tiny “bedrooms” that were probably used as offices.

      2. Oh no. But that can also be really unique and cool. Its different. I live in an apartment and I told my boyfriend I don’t care how or where but I’m getting a vanity lol


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