Yves Rocher (4 eyeshadow) Palette

ImageThis is such a pretty neutral/ earthy tones palette. It’s perfect for an every day look because of the light gold and pink but evening as well due to the mauve and midnight black.

My mom orders stuff from Yves Rocher and from time to time she always gets something really nice so I take it lol. This eyeshadow palette being one, because the 4 shades inside are just gorgeous.

ImageThey do have slight shimmer in all 4 and while I do love glitter on absolutely everything, shimmery eye shadows are not my thing but I love these.


First, is a really pretty light gold/nude colour. Applying once it’s more so shimmery with a gold tint, transparent, but if you apply twice you can see the actual solid gold tone.
Second, it’s a midnight black colour. It’s quite pigmented and perfect for outer corners.
Third, it’s a dark purple/brown mix. Like a dark mauve. Also great for outer corners also for smokey eye is gorgeous. Very pigmented.
Fourth, just like the first but in pink.

They are very pigmented. They go on really smoothly and easy to apply. It lasted through the entire day.


I did a quick look this morning. Applying the pink and gold mix all over my eyelid and the dark purple/brown outer corners. I applied pink also along the lower lash line.

Name of this palette is Teintes delices de roses (91)



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