Amazing benefits of LEMON for your skin

ImageLemon is one of those multi use miracle workers I swear by just like Coconut.
I use lemon for many different things just like I use coconut. I’ve already talked about benefits of drinking lemon water for your inner health and weight loss but here I am going to tell you a few amazing benefits of using lemon on your (face) skin!

Before I go on, I need to mention this important thing:

The way I do this is: Every other night, I cut the lemon in half and rub all over my face. In the morning I wash it off with cool water. BUT this may not work for everyone this way. The acid in lemon may be too much , too harsh for some skin types. It may irritate it, and cause break outs.
IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN, do not apply lemon directly –Β  squeeze out the lemon juice and dilute it with water, and apply this with a cotton ball.

As I always say I have rosacea and really thought it would be too harsh for my skin and make it more red but it actually helped. It killed the bacteria and lessened the redness. Also, I have a friend who had really bad acne and it helped with that and lessened the scars she had.

1. Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells
I cut the lemon in half, dip it into sugar and gently rub all over my face using it as a scrub. Wash it off with luke warm water. I do this once a week. It leaves my face glowing!

2. Get Rid of Blackheads
When I rub my entire face with the lemon, I concentrate on the area where I have some blackheads like my nose and they have pretty much disappeared!

3. Brighter and Even Complexion
Since I’ve started this, I have noticed that the lemon has improved the glow and brightness of my face. It just looks healthier and the blemishes I had it completely cleared them up and my complexion is even all over.

4. Fade blemishes and age spots
After doing this for about 2 weeks I’ve noticed the little dark spots I had have brightened up and disappeared. I also had some small scars from chicken pox and they are completely gone.
5. Anti wrinkle mask
I squeeze out the lemon juice and put a little bit of honey in it, I put it on and leave for about 20 mins. Wash off. I read it prevents wrinkles. Not sure as yet since I don’t have any lol but it makes my skin soft so it’s a bonus either way.

Lemon is amazing inside and out. You can apply all this for all over your body as well. I rub it on my knees, elbows and feet for softer feel. You can squeeze out some juice while taking a bath.

Possibilities are endless. Try it and let me know what you think. I noticed a difference right away. My face was brighter and glowing!

Just one word of caution, do not do this just before any exposure to sun as it does make your skin more sensitive. I would recommend at night.

Nina XO

7 thoughts on “Amazing benefits of LEMON for your skin

  1. HOw did you even think of rubbing lemon on your face?
    same effect with lime? not often can you find lemon here and i’d really like to get rid of black heads and blemishes and make my face glow!


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