Electrifying – Nails of the Day

ImageThis is one of my favourite nail polishes ever – China Glaze Frostbite.  I can’t even describe the kind of blue this is, but it is just an electric vibrant yet deep blue with a slight shimmer/glaze over it.


ImageYou definitely need 2 coats, even 3 to achieve the full colour. I love China Glaze polishes, they never chip for me. This is such an eye catching colour and I always get compliments on it.
I just added some glitter on my ring finger – nothing too crazy hehe…

Nina xo

9 thoughts on “Electrifying – Nails of the Day

      1. I’m sure I will be able to find it on some online website somewhere but not in actual stores! Normally the cost of shipping is ridiculous as well.

      2. Oh that’s true. I hear about milani cosmetics so much and everything looks so pretty but they don’t have it in Canada and to order online it costs more for shipping than the products I order!


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