Out with the red…. new hair colour!

ImageI want to say THANK YOU to all you beauties who took your time and gave me your opinions and help me select my new hair colour *hug* . I do have to admit it, I miss my red hair already because I love it THAT much but I also love my new hair colour!

I did not go for the bright purple that I initially wanted. This was a day long process and it took a lot of bleaching to strip all the red off, and at first I did get that purple colour but I did not like it on my self. So I opted for a deeper purple/blue colour that is a bit darker but still rich and vibrant !

The hair dye I used is the same brand of my magenta colour, ION, in violet , so as you can see it’s the purple/blue mix.

Hope you like it!

Nina XO

17 thoughts on “Out with the red…. new hair colour!

  1. It’s a great colour on you! I did the same thing going from red, stripping it out and going to purple 6 months ago and I wish so much that I’d picked a much darker purple/blue colour like yours. Where can you buy this Ion hair dye from, hon?

    1. Thank you 🙂 Your comment went to my spam for some reason, I just have seen it now! Sorry !
      Well, I get Ion from Sally’s Beauty Supply. If you go on their website you can see all the store locations. I live in Toronto, Canada. I am not sure where else they would carry them. They have the best selection of bright colours and they are amazing vibrant quality and last a while as well!
      They carry other hair products too and if you cannot find them in any stores here is the website you can order from http://www.ionprofessional.com//
      Hope that helps!

  2. I think it looks so fab on you!!!! *_* Pretttttyyyy ❤ I hope you'll get used to your new color soon and stop thinking about your red hair for a while hehhhe Have a fun weekend!


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