Hi Beauties..These are some of the BEST beauty tips/secrets I’ve collected over the years and tried myself so I’d like to share them with you. I’m sure some of them you already know but maybe you discover something new 🙂

1. Shave your legs using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream.
Yes, just lather on some hair conditioner on your legs which will soften the hair, make it easier for you to shave and it will leave your skin extra silky.

2. Use avocado as a body scrub.
There are avocado soaps you can get from a store but I just take an avocado, cut it, scoop it out and just scrub my skin with it. I have naturally dry skin, this helps with hydration, it removes dead skin cells, it calms any inflammation (razor burns, mosquito bites, etc)

3. Use honey as a face mask.You can mix some cinnamon in it but I normally don’t.
I just warm up some honey and smear it on my face. Why is it so great? Well honey has antibacterial properties, it soothes and heals. Anyone can use this but especially those with problem prone skin.
It is great for acne prone skin.

4. Apply sunscreen DAILY.
Rain or shine, apply sunscreen on your face.

5. De-Puff your eyes with raw potatoes.
I know we all heard of cucumbers but raw potato can serve the same purpose. Just peel the potato, put two slices on your eyes and relax for about 15 mins.
It decreases water retention and the enzymes it contains lighten dark circles.

6. Use Chamomile tea to reduce skin inflammation, eye irritations.
I just make some chamomile tea, cool it off so it’s luke warm. Dip a cotton boll in it and apply to my face when my rosacea is acting up or my eyes are tired and irritated. It calms it down instantly.

7. Coconut oil for your hair, scalp, skin, EVERYTHING.
I think i’ve talked about coconut oil a million times but I have to. It’s THAT AMAZING.
Get a container of raw organic coconut oil (butter), from a grocery store, use it as a hair mask for hydration and moisture as well as repair, on your scalp for dry itchy scalp, on your skin for extra silky skin.

8. Exfoliate your lips.
I think you should exfoliate every day. Not your face maybe, but body to remove the oily dead skin cells and you cannot forget about your lips.
I love the LUSH lip exfoliators but you can make your own. I melt some brown sugar, squeeze a few drops of vitamin E and scrub gently with a tootbrush. Rinse. The most lushestttt lips.

9. Clean your make up brushes REGULARLY.
There are make up brush cleaning liquids you can buy but I just make my own with some water and hair conditioner, you can use shampoo too. It’s important to clean your brushes to eliminate bacteria build up.

10.  Refresh your make up by spraying water on your face.
I like the Avene one and Vichy. It sets make up but refreshes it too!

11. Line your the inside of your lower eyelid with a white liner.
It make eyes appear bigger and pop out!

12. Choose your concealer based on what you’re trying to conceal!
Orange tint for blue/black eye circles and green tint to conceal red pimples. Concealer is meant to act as a neutralizer.

13. Soak your fingers in lemon water (luke warm water with squeezed lemon juice) to remove the yellow/orange stains from your nails.

14. Soak your fingers in warm olive oil and a few drops of vitmain A to make your nails stronger and less prone to breaking, as well as softer cuticles.

15. Mix some baking soda and water to make a paste and dab it on your pimple to dry it out faster and make the sucker go away!

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you know of any tips or secrets that I can try!!!

Nina XO

9 thoughts on “BEST BEAUTY SECRETS….

  1. great tips nina. when i get a big fat pimple i use a little toothpaste to it and believe it or not it WORKS!!!!
    Love the tip on shaving your legs with hair conditioner. thanks a lot

    1. No problem Sarah! Glad you liked it. I agree with the toothpaste. It dries out the pimple but you know sometimes it irritates my skin around it, isn’t that weird? Not always…. but I think it’s because I have rosacea. 😦 When I was a teenager, it worked wonders though!

  2. Ahh, avocado is great for everything! Also I’m trying out coconut oil on EVERYTHING. I love that shit. It’s amazing.
    And do you have a white eyeliner recommendation? I always try to line the inner bottom of my eye but it comes off super quickly. However, I am using a cheapie brand, so that may be part of the problem…

    1. Lol I noticed your love for avocado. I am obsessed with everything coconut! I pour coconut milk into ice cube tray, freeze it and eat it lol.. is that weird?
      As for the white eyeliner, I have 3 I use. First it’s by Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in metallic white. It’s creamy and like silver/white shade. It goes on smooth and lasts long… then the second one is by Tarte. It’s not exactly white it’s more of a nude but it’s called an inner rim brightener. I personally like it. It goes on well and it lasts but I have heard girls who do not really like it and apparently it doesn’t stay on for them. These are both $20 bucks at Sephora.
      However, recently I discovered that Rimmel has some pretty cool white eye pencils that are actually pretty good… creamy and lasting. They have a soft kohl pencil and the new scandalous eye shadow stick… but I use it as an white eyeliner and it works well. Hope this helped!

  3. I do a honey mask once a week. Its amazing. But I use Raw Honey. its got more beneficial properties. I dont warm it up because it warms when you rub it in your skin. its also a good gentle exfoliator! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I loved it too but honestly I regret doing it. It absolutely killed my hair and destroyed my curls. It took 2 years to even get it back somewhat to how it is now which is nowhere close to the way it was. But the colour itself i really liked.

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