Feeling Blue Today… OOTD

ImageI am having one of those blah days and I did not intentionally wear blue to fit the mood but it does so hey….

I rarely ever wear blue, and today I went overboard with matching if I may say so myself… lol


I am wearing velour (plush) indigo blue tights… and you’re probably thinking who wears velour anymore? I do! lol

I love these flats. This blue is just gorgeous and such an eye catching colour and they are a velvet finish.
The shirt is a flowy button up armless blouse, that’s a bit shorter at the back and the front and longer on the sides.

Tights and Shirt: Sirens ( may be a Canadian store only )
Flats: Ardene

CYMERA_20130808_111533(1) CYMERA_20130808_090853

I adore this big gold chain I am wearing. It has a medallion with a lion head in the middle.
The bracelet is a rose gold shamballa.
The bag is from ALDO and I love wearing bags that do not match my outfit at all because they just stand out on their own, like so!

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