Face of the Day – Pretty Purples

ImageI normally do a relatively natural and earthy look to work but I felt like playing up with bright colours today as I picked up a few beautifullll lipsticks yesterday ( I will show you these gorgeous colours in another post)

ImageI used to be the eyeshadow freak. Always had to wear eyeshadow or I felt my entire outfit was not complete. I’ve lost that desire a few years back and I am not sure why. I just don’t care for eyeshadows anymore at all . I prefer to play up with my lips and keep eyes with just a black liquid eyeliner and some good black mascara.

Today was different I guess 🙂

ImageEYES: I’ve used the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow. It comes with 4 eyeshadows: white/silver, and 3 shades of purple, light, medium and dark.
I’ve only used the white one in the inner corners, the medium purple from the middle of my lid to the outer corners and just a dab of the dark purple in my crease.
The name of this eyeshadow is Purple Icon.
These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and they stay on for the entire day. The texture is very smooth and rich and they do have slight shimmer in them.

LIPS: I love this colour even though it does look slightly different on the lips then in the actual lipstick. I thought it would’ve been more purple just like it is when you look at it but it comes slightly more deep fuschia shade.
The lipstick is super creamy yet semi matte. It stays on forever, even when you want to remove it which can kind of suck sometimes, but it does stain the lips… so you can decide if you like that or not lol.
This lippie is by Cover Girl and it is 330 DIVINE.

Face: I’ve used my standard VICHY dermablend foundation in Nude (25) and just a bit of GOSH golden bronzer.

I hope everyone has a great week (mine just started as we had a long wknd in Canada) BIG kiss for all of you beauties !


One thought on “Face of the Day – Pretty Purples

  1. Really like the eye shadow – i have a hard time doing eye-liner on the top lid – shaky hand syndrome or something


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