JULY (2013) Favourites!

ImageThis is one of my favourite things to read about and watch on youtube, girls talking about their monthly favourites. You discover all kind of products that way ! Here are mine for the month of July.

SheaMoisture_HoldShineMoistureMist1. HAIR: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist
I blogged about this in my review of Shea Moisture Hair products (which I LOOOOVE) but I found myself using this spray religiously this past month, actually 2 months, being summer time and this summer has been nasty humid and this spray kept my hair so hydrated and curls under control. It gives them definition while leaving them soft. There is no shrinkage and it is not heavy so it won’t make your curls drop. Best part is that it eliminates frizz and smells divine. I swear by this stuff.
FIND IT: In Canada, beauty supply stores. In States I hear they have it even at Target and CVS. ($14.99 CAD)

_73795402. HAIR: AVEDA Medium Hold Brilliant Hair Spray
I don’t really use hair sprays. I do not like the way they leave my hair feeling however certain hair styles require the use of it (sleep back pony tails, buns, etc)
This hair spray is great. It defies humidity, eliminates frizz, gives shine and it is for chemically treated hair. The only thing I do not like about is the scent. It smells like a cleaning product of some sort but it does the job .
FIND IT: Local hair salon. I have not seen them in drug stores. It is on the pricey side $22 CAD

curlcreme_l3. HAIR: Curls Unleashed
Again, I swear by Shea Moisture products for curly hair but this month I have been using another amazing curl creame, Curls Unleashed. There are a few different ones, purple, green, all similar but I got the one with the red and white container.
It defines curls AMAZING, it moisturizes hair and it is a root stimulator. It does not stretch out your curls so no shrinkage which I love. It’s a creamy texture on the thicker side so it hold hair without the crunch. It smells a little strong but it’s a nice fruity smell.
FIND IT: Beauty supply stores ($14.99 CAD)

CYMERA_20130802_1328504.  FACE: GOSH Bronzer
I never used to use bronzers too much , they all looked orange on me and that’s just no bueno. However, I came across this GIANT Gosh Bronzer and I love it. It comes in the hugest container ever lol but the product itself is amazing. It is the perfect shade, not orange, not brown, just a beautiful golden shade. It stays on for the entire day, no need to touch it up at all and I have a feeling it’ll last me for years. That’s how big the packaging is!
FIND IT: Drug mart ( $25.00 CAD)

la_roche_posay_la_roche_posay_anthelios_60_melt_in_sunscreen_lotion5. FACE: La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 SPF Sunscreen
Since I was diagnosed with Rosacea I have to wear a really good sunscreen on my face EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even if you do not have any skin conditions, sunscreen is important. I thought the SPF 15 in my face moisturizer I used to use previously is sufficient but I guess not. This sunscreen is great. It does not smell like a regular sunscreen, although I don’t mind that smell 🙂
It’s not incredibly grease but it’s moisturizing and it absorbs very fast leaving your face soft. I use this during the day by itself underneath my foundation and it works great.
FIND IT:  Drug Mart ($30 CAD)

CYMERA_20130802_1335406. LIPS: Revlon Kissable in Precious
I love these kissables by Revlon and have a several different colours…. but I found myself wearing the nude a lot. It is just a perfect shade of nude, I’d describe as a lighter shade of mocha.
They smell and taste minty! They also last a while and are super creamy.
FIND IT: Drug Mart ( $10 CAD)

CYMERA_20130802_1336137. LIPS: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Sweet Tart
Incredibly creamy and pigmented lipstick. I also have a several of these in various shades and love them all but this one is just a perfect summer shade. It’s a mix between pink and red , so basically a really bright coral. On the days I am really tired and want to brighten up my face, I put this and just makes you pop! It’s a fun colour without being too loud.
FIND IT: Any drug mart ($10 CAD)

coconut-shimmer-body-butter_l8.  BODY: COCONUT SHIMMER BODY BUTTER from BODY SHOP
I got this as a gift (thanks Nicole!) some time ago and been loving it ever since. It smells well like coconut! lol it’s so moisturizing and it has very gentle shimmer which is great for summer . Your skin glistens slightly and if you are tanned makes your tan look even better.

st-tropez-bronzing-mousse-best-self-tanner9. BODY: ST. TROPEZ Self Bronzing Mousse
I did a review of this in my previous blog but since I haven’t gone on any vacations this summer and haven’t tanned much this was my substitute. It  is the best self tanner I used. It gives you an overall natural tan (no orange) and works very fast. I won’t go too into details , you can just click through and read allll about it …
FIND IT: Sephora ($30 CAD)

madagascan-vanilla-flower-mist_l10. BODY: Madagascan Vanilla Flower Body mist from BODY SHOP
I ended up picking this up because I was buying body butters and had a chance to get a free product so I chose this and I am so glad i did. I love this scent. It ‘s very light and fresh and it smells so pleasant. I hate heavy perfumy  scents in summer and this is just perfect. It smells really warm and sweet. It smells like vanilla with a twist of a flower. Mmmmmmm!

Kisses !!

Nina XO

7 thoughts on “JULY (2013) Favourites!

  1. Ok so Gosh cosmetics are pretty cool, right? They have a hair care line, too, at Shoppers and it’s pretty damn wonderful. I was beginning to think that no one else had heard of them (all of my friends would be like, “What’s Gosh cosmetics??”
    I need to invest in the faux tanning. Sephora always caters to all my needs….lol

    1. Lol…I haven’t tried too many things from this line, only a few lipsticks, which were just ok. I also tried a lipgloss they got which I loved and I don’t know if you noticed but the lipgloss packaging is so cool. It has a mirror on the side and a light underneath the lid! Lol
      As far as their hair products, I only tried this curling cream (small black and purple tube) and it was terrible. It knotted my hair so bad.
      Have you tried any of their hair products? Shampoo or anything? I always wondered how they were but after the cream I didn’t bother trying…

      1. I’ve used their Much More Moisture conditioner which smelled a little weird but my hair LOVED it. Before curly girl, I also used the colour stay shampoo and conditioner and they were really nice. I think individual hair types are so different though that different products work differently for everyone. I tried their mascara once and wasn’t impressed…not enough ‘ooomph’ for my liking.

    1. Thanks so much hun! Depending on where you live, safest bet is to find them at beauty supply stores. I haven’t noticed them at sally’s for example but ethnic beauty stores carry them. They are amazing. You won’t regret picking any of the products from this line. Let me know if you do end up trying 🙂


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