Ciaté Caviar Nails: How to and Review

ImageIt looks gorgeous, doesn’t it? Practical? Um not so much! Actually not at all!
I’ve been wanting to try Ciate manicures, the caviar and velvet and others but never got around to it, so when I saw these 2 limited edition boxes at Winners, I picked it up without thinking.


ImageFirst box was to come with shiny strips of paper and second was the caviar balls.
First, disappointment:
I opened up both boxes and do you notice something missing ? Yes, the shiny little strips of paper that were supposed to be inside the box on top was not there! Some idiot took it out and me the other idiot never bothered to look to see if all was inside.. Ahh well… I was really looking forward to trying on all these gorgeous shiny strips.

Moving onto Caviar manicure.
Looks hot… and so different. These nails are definitely a show stopper….but hella annoying.

ImageUnless you have a personal stylist to dress you and do your hair and a housekeeper to clean and wash, these nails will not last more than 30 mins. I did it last night and this morning while getting ready for work and doing my hair, the little balls were getting caught in EVERYTHING and just flying off.

Being the OCD freak I am, this made me almost peel everything off but I didnt 🙂

Anyway, I’d say this is a look I’d do only if I was going out and just for that occasion, definitely not an every day thing. Too bad because it’s gorgeous.

ImageThere is really no special way to apply it.
1. Open the package and the top (the lid) serves as a tray
2. You apply 2 coats of the base nail polish that comes in the package. It’s a pretty pastel blue colour.
3. You open the bottle with caviar balls and you simply sprinkle on your nail.
4. You gently pat it down to make sure it’s embedded.
5. Leave it to dry for about 15 mins and there you have it!

Now, I also think there should be a better applicator because sprinkling the little tiny balls free hand is a pain in the ass.

Nina XO

4 thoughts on “Ciaté Caviar Nails: How to and Review

  1. I have always wanted to try these! I just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check out my site! Followed btw xx

  2. I love the idea of the Ciate Caviar beads more than the actual product. They look fabbb for about… 10 minutes and then the suckers pop off! lol either way def. a great look for a special occasion

  3. Maybe don’t sprinkle so much as sort of roll your nail into them? I’m not crazy about the pastel blue base, I think these would have worked better with a white, pink or maybe silver base? I dunno.. just thinking out loud. They look neat anyway.. never saw anyone with nails like this.


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