They say orange is the power colour….(OOTD)

ImageHere I go again with my bright colours and animal prints. Ah well I love it! But it’s ALL about these pants today, they make the entire outfit.

ImageI really love these pants. They are just so fun and oh so comfortable. They can be worn a few different ways actually:
*high waisted ( like I am wearing them in the picture)
*you can wear them on your hips  so they droop down into the MC Hammer style pants
*the bottom part can be pulled up to have a capri look to it or
*pulled down (like I have them) for a full pant look.

ImagePants: Sirens
Shirt: I took this from my mom actually 🙂 and she got it from Talbots! imagine that.
Shoes: Gold rubber slippers from Michael Kors
Bag: Bronze Michael Kors


Earrings: Gold spike studs (my new fave) from ALDO
Necklace: Gift
Watch: Rose Gold Fossil
Rings: ALDO rings from my previous blog post




6 thoughts on “They say orange is the power colour….(OOTD)

  1. These pants look sooo comfortable. Also, I am totally obsessed with saving up for both a nice watch and a nice bag — so I’m drooling over yours a little bit right now. Rose gold is just so awesome with everything!

    1. Lol thanks Jess. I love rose gold jewellery especially watches. MK has nice ones but I love Fossil watches too. I have a few different ones and I picked this one up last year when it just came out. It was a bit pricey $250 but it may have gone down by now.

    1. Sarah, you are so sweet. Thank you!!!!
      I appreciate that so much.
      I really think you can look great on a budget. It’s not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to look good.
      I always say it’s not what you wear but how you wear it, right?


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