Finger Candy

ImageI’ve kind of retired my expensive jewelry (for a while now) just because there is so much beautiful and cheap accessories lately that I’m absolutely loving! Like these rings!!! How sexy do these make your hands look?

ImageWhen I say cheap I mean realllyyyy cheap.
I picked these up randomly from ALDO accessories on sale for $5.95 CAD.
I’m sure they’ll tarnish in no time but by then I’m gonna wear the shit out of them!

5 “gold” rings:
1. Love with a pink stone ( as the letter O)
2. Gold teddy bear with a pearl as its belly
3. Pastel green heart
4. Small tiny row of pearls
5. Row of clear pink stones

7 thoughts on “Finger Candy

    1. Thanks Jess. The nail polish is Orange Knockout (neon) by China Glaze. One of my faves. Its a matte nailpolish so wherever you see a bit of shimmer its cuz I put a light coat of Sephora’s Wild about shimmer.

      1. China Glaze has such fun colours! My favourite is Flip Flop Fantasy…but I also like it way better with a shine.


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