Finger Candy

ImageI’ve kind of retired my expensive jewelry (for a while now) just because there is so much beautiful and cheap accessories lately that I’m absolutely loving! Like these rings!!! How sexy do these make your hands look?

ImageWhen I say cheap I mean realllyyyy cheap.
I picked these up randomly from ALDO accessories on sale for $5.95 CAD.
I’m sure they’ll tarnish in no time but by then I’m gonna wear the shit out of them!

5 “gold” rings:
1. Love with a pink stone ( as the letter O)
2. Gold teddy bear with a pearl as its belly
3. Pastel green heart
4. Small tiny row of pearls
5. Row of clear pink stones

7 thoughts on “Finger Candy

  1. I really like the colour of the mint green one. Also, what nail colour is that? Super cute and fresh!

    1. Thanks Jess. The nail polish is Orange Knockout (neon) by China Glaze. One of my faves. Its a matte nailpolish so wherever you see a bit of shimmer its cuz I put a light coat of Sephora’s Wild about shimmer.

      1. China Glaze has such fun colours! My favourite is Flip Flop Fantasy…but I also like it way better with a shine.


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