It’s all about spikes! (OOTD#10)

ImagePeplum dresses and tops are great because they are so flattering for any body shape. If you are not as shapely, they will make you look like you got some hips girl! And if you do got hips and bum already, they’ll accentuate it even more so!

Image2013-07-18 11.34.21

My favourite part of this dress is the gold spikes on the shoulders. I love anything with spikes and studs lately. I also opted for flats today.

Dress: Urban Behaviour
Shoes: Black thong flats with some tassles – Random little shop (sorry, I know that’s not very helpful)
Bag: Coach
Gold spike bracelet from Aldo and hangy skull earrings from UB


It’s hot as hell in Toronto lately. I don’t remember any summer before being this nasty humid so for that I haven’t been able to play around with make up or hair because everything melts and falls flat 😦


Nina XO

13 thoughts on “It’s all about spikes! (OOTD#10)

    1. Thanks so much Sarah. You should just go for it! Don’t be afraid to try.anything because its all in your head. Its fun to experiment and before you know it you’ll get used to it and love it, just how you love bright colours now! 🙂

      1. I just feel like I am not cool enough hahaha I have thought about buying clothes with spikes a couple times but I end up putting it back! I definitely need to try one at some point though 🙂

    1. Thanks so much 🙂
      That’s a good thing about peplum style dresses as well as shirts. If you are not as shapely in that area, they make you seem like you are. They give a nice hourglass illusion.


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