SHEA MOISTURE – THE BEST curly hair products EVER (review)




Shea Moisture are one of THE BEST curly hair products ever made! A million thumbs up! If you have curly hair and you haven’t tried Shea Moisture, you must! I am not saying it will work for every type of curly hair but it is that amazing that you have to try and see.

I’ve always heard about Shea Moisture but it’s not as available in Toronto, as it may be in the States. You have to find specific beauty stores or ethnic beauty stores.Β  I have been using these products for a while now and I absolutely love it.

I will tell you about 5 different products I’ve tried and been using although there are many many more that I haven’t tried but definitely will.
Before I continue I should mention that Shea Moisture is not cheap. They are quite pricey, at least here in Canada, I would say 14.99, give or take for various products but worth every penny.

Background story: According to the little paragraph written on each container of the products, Shea Moisture started in a village in Sierra Leone where a woman made shea butter products and sold them around. When the war broke out, the family moved to New York and started selling the products on the streets to help support themselves.

Read here for more story:

Although, it is geared more towards African American hair, I have been using this and I know of other girls of various ethnic backgrounds who use it and love it so it can be suited for anyone with curly locks!

It contains:
Coconut Oil – which hydrates and protects from heat and chemical damage
Silk Protein – reduces breakage and adds smoothness
Neem Oil – strengthens and provides shine
This shampoo does what it claims. Simple. I don’t use shampoo a lot, I co-wash my hair but this all natural shampoo is so gentle, does not strip away my hair colour or natural oils. It leaves your hair detangled and so soft. Oh and it smells diiivine.

It repairs dry, damaged and processed hair and I happen to be all of the above but you would not be able to tell because my hair has come a long way transforming my damaged tired curls into bouncy fun ones thanks to Shea Moisture.

This conditioner leaves your hair incredibly soft unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It enhances curls and gives them a bounce with no shrinkage.
The smell is a little so so as I suppose people tend to prefer pretty smelling conditioners but I don’t mind it as it just smells NATURAL.

This is a styling product that enhances curls, defines them without the crunch and gives them lasting control.
You only need a small amount of this otherwise you will not achieve what I’ve mentioned above. It will be sticky and frizzy and wet looking . So remember less is more with this product.
It has a creamy texture and it smells heavenly!

This styling product is my favourite and it is similar to the smoothie. Difference is, souffle has the texture of a jello. Once again, you have to mind how much of this product you use otherwise it will be a total mess. Your hair will be oily, greasy and looking forever wet. I made this mistake the very first time and saturated so much product in my hair . Not cute.
Once you master the amount your hair requires, your curls will be transformed. It shapes and defines, no crunchy or hard feeling , does not weigh hair down or shrink.
The smell is so wonderful, you just want to eat it.

shea-moisture-hold-and-shine-coconut-hibiscus-hold-shine-daily-moisture-mistSHEA MOISTURE ORGANIC COCONUT & HIBISCUS HOLD & SHINE MIST
This is an amazing spray. It gives your hair really nice gloss and great hydration. Again, do not overspray, as it will get sticky which will create frizz. If you spray just enough, it actually eliminates frizz.
Another great thing about the mist is that it is great for second day curls. It does a great job of refreshing them.

***All these products are all natural and organic and do NOT contain any parabens, paraffins, silicone, etc.***


Just briefly:

– I wash and condition my hair, or skip the shampoo and only co-wash

– I do not use the smoothie and souffle together. I pick one and while my hair is still wet, I separate it in 4 sections and take pea size of either products and distribute through my soaking wet hair scrunching while applying
– After I have applied the product through my entire hair, I spray it all over (careful not to use too much) with the Mist.
– I let my hair sit for about 5-10 mins and then I diffuse

Let me know if you’ve ever tried Shea Moisture and how you like it! Also, if you have tried any of their other products and if you suggest themΒ  because I am thinking of trying their curl and style milk next.

Nina Xo

31 thoughts on “SHEA MOISTURE – THE BEST curly hair products EVER (review)

    1. No problem at all! You should definitely give these a try. I have a curly hair quiz in one of my blog posts, you can do it and there is a link there as well for the website with all the best curly hair tips and products. It’ll tell you based on your hair type exactly which products you should go for.
      But Shea Moisture, I personally swear by it!

      1. I will have to loom for it and take it. The curliness of my hair definitely changes depending on what length it is but I am always trying to look for products to make my hair more curly and less frizzy haha

  1. I’m jealous of your curls and your selection! John Frieda Frizz Ease is ok for the same night type of look but wont’ last a second day no matter what you do. I bought a few more products last weekend – next attempt will be Olive Oil Organic Foam, Mask and Set…will let you know how it all goes *crossing fingers*

    1. Girl, you know it took a while to get them healthy again due to many dye jobs, bleaching and so forth. Even though my curls used to be tight and spiral , I will never get that back because bleach killed them at least I got them big and luscious again.
      John Frieda does not work for me at all . It’s too light weight and does not hold my hair or define it at all.
      Dont worry when you come back, we will go hair product shopping and you will get your curls back!!!
      You know what killed your curls? Because you alwaaaaayyyyyyyysssssss flat iron or straighten your hair. It’s like a death sentence for your hair.

      1. you know i always refused to believe that the flat iron would ruin my curls….but it did and now i regret it. in 5 months I have straightened my hair once…so i’m hopping by the end of all of this the curls will come back – fingers crossed

  2. Nina, maybe I’m silly and missed it, but where did you end up getting these products? I would totally love to sample some of them…and I never knew about them prior to your review, so thanks for posting this!

    1. You’re very welcome Jess! I didn’t really specify where I got them so you’re not silly lol but basically I just said various beauty supply stores. I know they sell them at Target and CVS in America. Now, we just recently got Target here in Toronto and I have not seen these products there when I went which was when it just opened which was a while back but they may have them there now. With that being said, there are 2 beauty supply stores I often visit and they both have them. One is called Honey Fig in Toronto by Yonge and Sheppard. And another, which is my favourite and they have so many products is at 120 Ellesmere rd (it’s a small plaza in Scarborough) and they have everything curly hair related.
      They do not have a website but it’s definitely worth making a trip and checking out but Honey Fig has a website. Here is the link
      I hope this helped out!

  3. I have been hearing so much about these products. Are they only for curly hair or could I use them on my thick wavy hair as well? Thanks

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by.
      Shea Moisture do have a lot of products targeted only towards curly hair but they also do have products that any hair type can use. Honestly, from my experience, just because something says for curly hair on it, does not mean that straight or wavy hair cannot use. All it means is that it’s probably more hydrating and moisturizing as curly hair tends to be more dry than any other type. My friend who has thick wavy hair just got some Shea Moisture products. Shampoo and conditioner and she loves it. So I say give it a try. It’s all natural, it will make your hair so soft and if all fails, you will smell delicious lol

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I somehow missed your comment 😦
      I also had a hard time finding Shea Moisture products and even right now I don’t see them widely available across Toronto. I found them in two beauty supply stores. One is called Cosmetic World and they care the shampoo, conditioner and a few styling products and the other is a small beauty supply store and they care a bit more and it’s cheaper as well.
      Best bet to order online. They are worth it!

      1. What is the small shop at 120 ellesmere road called? Is this the small and cheap shop mentioned above? I could order it online but shipping costs always get you and it ends up just being cheaper to buy at the store.

      2. This is the small shop I was talking about. I am blanking out on the name now but it’s something along the lines of Love Beauty Supply.. something to do with Love.. but they don’t have a website as far as I know.
        Do you have beauty supply stores where you live?

    1. Yeah that store carries it. But last time I went they only had a few things because they didn’t get their shipment yet. Are you looking for a styling product or shampoo and conditioner?

      1. Im mainly looking for the curl enhancing smoothie. I’m also keeping my eye out for Trader Joe’s shampoo and conditioner. If I can’t find that I may end up buying Shea’s Moisture shampoo and conditioner if it looks good. I’m actually at school right now so I’m just going to pop into Honey Fig see what they have, then when schools out and exams are over I can finally afford to go to he 120 Ellesmere road store.

  4. I always use the she moisture shampoo and conditioner. Just the regular ones. However, my hair is very damaged due to bleach. Would u reccomend using the one for curly hair.even if u do not have curly hair for extra moisture

    1. You can definitely use curly hair shampoo. In my opinion there is no shampoo that gives you curls or is specially made for curls, it just means it’s more hydrating or alcohol free or sulfate free, which gives you more moisture. So you can for sure use it. Especially the Shea Moisture one. It leaves your hair really soft and it’s all natural so you can’t go wrong no matter what your hair type is.
      I know all about frying your hair due to bleaching.
      Try castor oil treatments. I have a post about it and how it healed my hair after damage. It’s in my hair section.
      If i can be of any more help, feel free to ask!

  5. I have 2c/3a curls that are very thick and porous. I tend to be dry and frizzy so I have been looking for something that can add some moisture back in and help make my curls tighter/healthier. I bought the coconut & hibiscus curl shampoo and conditioner this past weekend and have used it twice. It makes my hair so greasy that it looks wet. Any tips to find a better balance??

    1. Hey Danielle. Thanks for checking out my blog.
      You say you got the shampoo this past weekend and already used it twice. That in itself can be the problem. Shampooing your hair that often. Having curly hair , we should not shampoo our hair that often. You should try co washing. For example, I only wash my hair with shampoo once every week and a half but I co wash twice a week. Also, this shampoo is very creamy and doesn’t lather. It’s very moisturizing so I am not sure how much product you used but I know personally when I just tried it and saw it wasnt lathering I used so much product and did it twice! My hair was so greasy which is weird because I am extremely dry. So now I use quarter size squeeze and only wash once. Of course the length of your hair would also factor in.
      So try washing out the product with a cleanser then only use this shampoo once a week or two and small squeeze of it.

      Shea moisture products are amazing but they are on the heavier side and you need to sort of figure out what your hair needs. Once you do, you’ll love it. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi there. Thank you for your reply. I bought the set on Sat and Sat evening I washed my air with conditioner only, then on Wed I did a full wash and conditioner. I didn’t put any product in after because I wanted to see what my hair would be like using the new product. I’m wondering if maybe I used too much of both. I have really thick hair so I have always had to use a lot of conditioner but have never found any as creamy as Shea Moisture. I’ll adjust my ratio and maybe extent the time between washing. I’ve been fighting my curls for as long as I can remember either putting my hair up wet or drying and straightening so this is all new to me. Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

      2. It could be that you used too much product. I feel like Shea Moisture stuff is really creamy compared to a lot of other products so just try to cut the amount in half and see how that works.
        When I got the curling souffle for the first time, I was so excited. I used it exactly how I used my other curly styling products and it was a diseaster. My hair was so greasy and sticky and just wet looking. I had to wash it immediately. Then I tried again by only using less than a quarter size and it was perfect.
        My go to hairstyle was always a bun as i had no idea what to do with my hair. Then it was damaged due to bleach and dying and my curls were dead but once I started doing research and healing my hair now I love wearing it down!

      3. Sounds about right. I’m going to try co-washing with less conditioner and when I wash this week I’ll cut the shampoo in half as well. I’ve never seen a shampoo that is do creamy :). I have always worn my hair up but recently my curls changed from being a wavy/ curly mix from my ears down to ringlets/ corkscrews starting at the roots and I really want to wear it down. I shower at night and often have a massive mess of bed head when I wake up. Do you have any tips for this issue? I’d like a way to help my curls keep their shape while I sleep. Thanks.


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