Loving Maxi Dresses (OOTD #7)

ImageHappy Friday to all you beauties!!!
I absolutely love maxi dresses and own about a 100 of them in every colour and pattern. They’re comfortable, pretty and feminine, you can dress them up with a pair of heels or dress them down with some flats.

I put myself together relatively simple today – minimal accessories, no heels and nothing over the top.

The dress is from Winners, a department store (here in Canada) such as Marshall’s and Ross for my lovely American ladies who may not know.

It’s a halter top dress, that ties around your neck with a slightly droopy v neck line. You can decide how open you want it (cleavage wise) depending on how tight you tie it.
It is tight until about waistline and then it opens up .


Shoes are hot pink snake print Envy flats I picked up on one of my trips to Buffalo at DSW.

Bag is a pink/white snake print from a small boutique I got in Niagara Falls.

The rain that flooded Toronto has finally stopped so I am back to enjoying my summer clothes. Let’s hope it lasts!

Nina XO

2 thoughts on “Loving Maxi Dresses (OOTD #7)

  1. Are you able to wear items like that at work? we can’t show shoulder’s here so I’m constantly in cardigans in 37 degree weathers – except today I’m feeling a little cold and happy for my cardigan – just wishing I were wearing pants lol

    1. My office is casual. There is nothing that we are not ‘allowed’. You should just use your judgement but I obviously do not come to work with my back all open and tattoos showing. I always put a cardigan or a blazer over.
      Everyone dresses blah around here. Some girls in the lab even come in yoga pants. Go figure.
      But yes showing shoulders is totally fine ! Lol


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