Mini Make-up Haul (mainly NYX)


Lately I’ve really gotten into NYX make up products. They are affordable, good quality, long lasting and gorgeous colours and pigmentation. Up until recently Toronto drug stores carried only a few NYX products so I never paid much attention but now they are bringing more stuff and I really like it all!

Here are some products I purchased recently that I am realllllly loving:


NYX Mosaic Powder
This is a highlighter that works so beautifully. It’s very subtle but noticeable just enough. It brightens up your face and gives it a pretty glow. (About $10 CAD)


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Tokyo) and NYX Xtreme Lip Cream(Nude Peach Fuzz)
The matte lip cream is pretty pigmented and leaves a velvet look and feel. I really love this colour which is called Tokyo. It is a really soft barbie pink.
The only thing I don’t like is that it dries out very fast and it’s not the best when you wear it on its own. I prefer to wear it as a top coat .
The xtreme cream lipgloss is just amazing. This colour is called Nude Peach Fuzz.It’s so creamy and lasts really long actually. This is a really pretty nude perfect for every day use or a smokey eye. ($8.99CAD)


NYX Matte Lipstick in Nude
This is more of a pure peach nude with a tint of orange. It goes on smooth and pigmented but it dries kind of funny on your lips. But I love the colour so much that I don’t mind re-applying. I find it lasts longer if I apply clear gloss under but that would defeat the purpose of the MATTE lipstick. ($8CAD)


NYX Round Creamy Lipstick in Narcissus
Just a lovely pink shade. It’s a soft baby pink. It’s very creamy and feels incredible on lips. I am not a big fan of shimmer lipsticks and this has some but it’s very subtle so I don’t mind it at all.  It goes on smoothly and it’s relatively long lasting. ($8CAD)


L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in I Pink You’re Cute
This is my new favourite lipstick. The colour just can’t be captured with the camera the way it looks in real life. It is a soft coral shade more towards the pink. It’s a creamy sheen texture and pretty long lasting. The only thing about L’oreal lipsticks they smell and taste funky. You’d think they’d change that by now? Hmm ($10CAD)


Essence White and Metalic Brown – both have light shimmer in them but they look gorgeous on. They are quite pigmented and easy to apply. They don’t crease or fade fast. ($3CAD each)
Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eyeshadow – it’s a really lovely purple/lilac shade with faint sparkles. You can use it wet or dry. Pigmentation is great and it is long lasting. ($7.50 CAD)
Mayebelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows in Barely Brazen – I lost my love for eyeshadows some time ago but these Colour Tattoo ones are bringing it back. I love them. They have them in gel and powder. This particular one is a loose powder and it’s a nude, champagne colour that makes your eyes just pop! I been wearing this every single day! It’s perfect for office.
Essence Quattor Eyeshadows in Sea my eyes – surprisingly these stay true to how they look in the palette. They go on really nicely, and quite pigmented. The pale peach is the only one that has less pigmentation. The colours are gorgeous and allow for many different looks. ($5AD)


Essence Stay with Me Long Lasting Lipgloss
It’s a bright and strong out there colour. It is extremely shiny with a wet look to it. I love wearing this at night because it is really an eye catcher . It definitely stands out!It’s a pretty cherry/fuschia colour. I do find that it bleeds just a little bit. It also stains lips but nothing a good lip scrub won’t take care of! ($4 CAD)


 NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Flower
This doesn’t seem to me as your typical lip liner. It has an almost metalic look to it. I do not outline my lips with it but I fill them in and put the NYX Narcissus (above) lipstick on top. I find it enhances the shine and lasts even longer.
NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil in Dark Grey
It’s a roll out cream eye pencil and this is what I use for my eyeliners but in black. I wanted to try it in grey for a less dramatic look. It’s very easy to apply, does not smudge and it lasts all day.

Have a good day beauties!

Nina XO

20 thoughts on “Mini Make-up Haul (mainly NYX)

  1. that is quite the makeup shopping spree! makes me want to go get makeup 😉 have you come across anything – especially foundation (preferably powder) that survives really hot and humid temperatures?

    1. Bare Minerals is great for that. It’s powder form but goes on like cream. It’s great. It also has SPF 15 in it. It gives you like a matte look but more natural. It does not look powdery at all.
      But really in order for your foundation not to melt away and lasts long, the key to that is: setting powder.
      I never used to use it but I have been lately as it’s been abnormally humid and I don’t sweat. Like you can’t see it but this summer has been so bad I freaking sweat from my cheeks! So I use my liquid foundation and then I use a translucent setting powder on my t-zone and it sets your make up. So it doesn’t run, melt, move, nothing!

      1. I actually brought some with me! I was using it in Toronto when going out – now that i’m trying to ensure things last while here I was using something else – but might just dip into it more often then I’ve been doing 😉

    1. Hey Char!
      I found only a few Rexall locations that carry a variety of products!
      One is in Scarborough close to Victoria Park and Ellesmere. It’s really big one and relatively new. I think it opened a year or two ago at the most. But it’s huge and they have a lot of NYX products but also other really good cosmetics.
      Another Rexall, smaller but they just recently started stocking up on NYX is by my work at College and University!

      1. awesome! i’ll check it out thanks!
        going to the states next month. Will be stocking up on NYX and Bobbie Brown. I cant believe we dont have Bobbie Brown in canada yet – insane

      2. So jealous. I want to make a trip to the States just to check out Milani Cosmetics I keep seeing and hearing about. I heard we got some in Superstores here and I ran to the nearest Superstore but no luck. I hear great things about Milani and I checked out their website but it’s just not the same as looking at it in person .
        I wish we had an Ulta here 😦

      3. I saw it there a few weeks ago. FYI Whatever Winners has is limited in quanity unfortunately.

  2. and totally agree with the setting powder. i only found out last year i was supposed to be using it.

    1. It’s basically a loose powder that “sets” or seals your foundation. It makes it last longer, keeps your foundation in place and it eliminates shine or oils . It is normally sheer to medium .


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