Nails of the Day #5


This is the hottest hot pink ever. My second favourite summer nail polish. (after China Glaze flip flop fantasy – see older posts)
Pair it up with a solid white and some silver glitter and voila!

Actually , I pretty much free handed this. I painted my nails white and only let them semi dry. While still sticky, I took a tooth pick and marked the triangular designs, then I took the different colours and painted within the lines I drew. It took some precision but it was relatively easy!


Nail polishes used:

Hot pink:China Glaze Shocking Pink
White: Nina Ultra Pro French White
Glitter: L.A.Girl Glitter from their Ombre collection

$T2eC16F,!)0E9s37F,-2BRyLC6K)5!~~60_35  imagestumblr_inline_mkgq90CD351qz4rgp

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