Can I rant for a minute? Take care of your feet ladies!


I get annoyed very easily and there are plenty of things that annoy me. Sorry, can’t help it. However, I won’t go too deep into overall life things that bug me , this is still beauty/fashion related.

Let’s talk about feet ladies, shall we?

Feet should be taken care of ALL YEAR ROUND. Plain and simple.

It’s very easy to put on clean clothes, brush your hair and slap some make up on. But that ain’t shit. How you really know if a female is clean and truly takes care of herself and takes pride in her appearance is if she pays attention and takes care of all the details too. That being, nails, feet, teeth, ears.

I see more and more ladies, only taking care of their feet as soon as the sandal season hits because they know toes will be out but NO NO NO! Take care of your feet every other season too. So what if no one is seeing them? YOU ARE!
But what I have been noticing lately ( and I have the pleasure of seeing all kind of “wonderful” things since I commute to work and have a long subway ride) is women just paint their toes and the heel is cracked, dry, and corns are sticking out from the side of their toes. My GOD!

Please, take care of your feet. They endure a lot. All those stiletto wearing nights, toes scrunched up together, flip flop wearing dirt layers upon layers on your heel. Care for them. Scrub them, use the razor, lotion them.
Pedis are relatively cheap these days but if you cannot afford it, do one yourself.

Nasty feet on women make me gag. And please for the love of God, if your nail polish chips, PAINT THEM TOES AGAIN!


Til next time!

Nina XO

5 thoughts on “Can I rant for a minute? Take care of your feet ladies!

  1. you know I’m inspecting my feet right now – this weekend, I’m giving myself a pedicure 😉

  2. Your posts are starting to give me complexes! I never used to worry too much about my skin, eyebrows, teeth, weight, and feet and now I’m like OMG I’m a total mess! LoL Ugh.

    1. Haha well first of all you are beautiful but you DO have to worry about skin, eyebrows, etc. Its a must. And you have nothing to worry about because your hair is healthier than anyone I know and your feet are always looking great since you’re obsessed with toes lol so you’re good muah!


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