LUSH R&B Hair Moisturiser – Hair Greatness (product review)


This is the B E S T hair product EVER and I can say this without any hesitation. It is more than just a ‘moisturiser’. It is a leave in, it is a styling product, it is a curl definer, a scalp soother and so much more.
No matter what your hair type is, you need this in your life, but especially if your hair is dry and/or curly.

I have tried bazillion hair products for every need that hair may have: gels, oils, butters, mousse, creams, sprays… you get it and I do have my favourites but this is unlike anything I have ever tried before.
I purchased this product a little less than a month ago and I have been using it every day and I feel like my hair is re- born and my curls have come alive in a whole new way.

Believe it or not my hair is pretty damaged and course and dry as I bleach it and dye it bright magenta as you can see but judging by this picture you cannot see any of that. My curls look vivacious and bouncy.


What does R&B stand for?
Revive and Balance it.  Revives the hair and balances the scalp.

What are some of the ingredients ?
Oat milk, Avocado butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil. (for more info refer to

What does R&B claim to do?
Give condition to the hair, make it more smooth, eliminate breakage, easier to comb. Basically in their words, make you EMBRACE your curls rather than FIGHT with them.

And YES YES YES it does all of this plus so much more.

Texture of the product:The best way I’d describe it is, it’s a butter. But more on a creamy buttery side not thick. Sort of like a butter for your body.

How to apply it:
The best time to apply it is while your hair wet. You work it all through your hair but mainly on your ends. I typically section my hair into 4 sections and apply small amounts to each section really working it in. I diffuse my hair after and you have the hair greatness i was talking about.

Ok, the smell is a bit strong and overpowering and specific. It’s like a very strong fruit/flower mix. It can get overwhelming but the scent fades as your hair dries and it leaves you with a more subtle version of it.

According to LUSH website, this product was initially created for African American hair but then after additional testing they realized this hair product is for anyone and everyone.

Although it says it is for curly hair and dry hair, anyone can use this product.


– it conditions is amazing and makes it so hydrated that you can see your hair coming alive in front of your eyes as you are putting it in
– it STYLES the hair, meaning: it defines curls without weighing them down, loosening the curl, and it lasts the entire day!
– eliminates frizz and fly aways
– you only need a pea amount for even the thickest of hair


– I did straighten my hair once using this product and i used half a pea size only on my ends. You have to be careful as this product is very thick and it can be greasy so you cannot slab it on. So if your hair is straight or more on the normal to oily side, I would just minimize the amount of the product.

I am obsessed and you should be too!!! If you haven’t tried this and you have curly hair go run and get it. One thing I should mention is is that it is EXPENSIVE and it is a tiny little can. It is $22 CAD at LUSH stores but you only need to use a bit of this product so it should last you a while.

Nina XO

9 thoughts on “LUSH R&B Hair Moisturiser – Hair Greatness (product review)

  1. yeah – please keep rubbing in all these products at your disposal – my hair products here are sucking big time. ALso running out of the last bottle I brought from home – so will be on the hunt for new explorations soon. If I find anything that works I’ll let you know!

  2. LUSH is one of my all time fave stores. Period. Also note, all products are animal friendly. (Some people might be searching Animal Friendly fantastic hair moisturizers!) xoxo

    1. I remember you always liked this store. I do find a lot of their products strong smelling and due to my migraines I can’t handle a lot of them but this hair product is bomb diggity lol

    1. I live in Canada! Toronto to be more exact so yes they do have it in Canada. Not sure which city you live in but if you google LUSH you can search locations on their website. If you happen to live in Toronto, there is a store in Eaton Centre 🙂 let me know how you like it if you end up trying it.

      Thanks for stopping by !

      1. Awesome, thanks so much! I live only an hour and a half from Toronto. So excited to try it out!

    1. Thanks Vanessa!

      I really recommend it. My hair is so unruly and pretty dry and it’s hard to find a good product that hydrates and defines your curls at the same time but not make them crunchy and weigh them down. This did wonders.

      I say go for it! Let me know if you like it if you do try.


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