Coconut Oil – Miracle for Hair – Get your hair healthy, soft and shining!


So this is not some recently discovered big news as many many countries have been using various oils to treat different things, skin, hair, weight loss, etc. But I feel that only in the recent years in North America we really started getting into this phenomenon. Ahh we are always delayed on everything!
It has been known for a long time that oils in general are great for nourishing hair. Anything from Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, etc. I’ve tried them all and I can confidently say that my favourite and most effective is Coconut Oil.
To sum up my reason simply:  It treats wide variety of hair issues.

Now, I am not talking about coconut oils that are made by cosmetic companies and such, I am talking about the container you pick up from your local grocery store to use for cooking. Yup! 100% Natural, Organic, Raw, free of silicones and other added chemicals.

Can-I-give-my-baby-coconut-oilcoconut_oil_unrefinedThis is the one I purchased and have been using for a while and it helped me completely restore my hair.
5.99 CAD at a regular grocery store.




  • Nourishing for any hair type, curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin
  • Repairs naturally damaged, heat damaged, chemically processed hair
  • It adds shine and body
  • It softens hair, prevents breakage, split ends and shedding
  • It acts as anti-dandruff, dry , itchy scalp treatment


Coconut oil molecular structure makes it able to penetrate the hair cuticles which allows that deep conditions and healing whereas a lot of other products sit on your hair and don’t break trough. They just sort of sit on the surface and make your hair shiny so you think it’s working but it’s really not because when you wash your hair you wash away the product.
Coconut oil really works its way through and starts doing its wonders!

Coconut oil contains vitamin E, vitamin A, Lauric acid, Capric acid, etc .



  • The quantity will depend on your hair texture and length and what you are trying to accomplish but since I have naturally curly and dry  as well as chemically dyed hair, I take a few spoons of the oil (butter) and put it in a container.
  • I microwave it only for 2 secs to get it slightly liquidy so that it is easier to distribute through hair.
  • I saturate my hair with the oil concentrating on my ends more as they are the most dry
  • I keep it either for a few hours or even over night, wrapped in a silk scarf
  • When I wash my hair out, I do not shampoo or condition , I just rinse
  • You are left with the silkiest, shiniest, softest locks – IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.


  • I take a spoon and a half of coconut oil (butter)
  • I do not microwave this as it is not going to be applied throughout my hair
  • I rub it through my fingers and then I massage it all over my scalp
  • Since my hair is dry, I do not need to rinse this. My scalp absorbs it without any greasy residue but if you prefer to rinse it out you may

I love coconut anything. I am obsessed with coconut smell, flavour, taste, coconut water, coconut cookies, coconut cakes hehe.. you get it .. but in addition to tasting amazing and smelling awesome and being a miracle for your hair, coconut oil has many many other benefits, skin, digestion, infections, dental care, heart diseases, etc.


Best thing: You can find it ANYWHERE and it is not pricey at all.

Til next time
Nina XO

2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil – Miracle for Hair – Get your hair healthy, soft and shining!

  1. I just ordered some virgin coconut oil from a women’s group that does the processing themselves. Ordered 2 bottles – one for cooking and one for hair. Mine is pure oil – would I need to heat it up (don’t have a microwave so would have to do it over the stove – which worries me a little) I want shinny silky smooth freeze free hair *sigh*

    1. That’s good! Well no you don’t have to warm it up. It’ll work if you just apply it straight as well. I just like to warm it up because I feel it opens up my hair cuticles and goes in deeper for better repair. Let me kno how you like it once you try.
      I picked up another amazing product. Ill blog about it soon.

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